Trying Harder Doesn't Work

Knowledge Does NOT Equal Understanding

Watch this interesting experiment to see how the knowledge we acquire over our lifetime that is imbedded into the pathways of our brains is not easily changed. Check out this engineer who is trying to retrain his brain to ride a bike totally opposite than what he has done for 30 years. 

Like riding a bike, porn can have the same affects on your brain. Your pathways can be so deeply rooted that change is difficult but attainable over time. Renewing of the mind, creating new pathways to a “Cleaner” you is a life worth pursuing. Sexually compulsive behaviors are behaviors that start as choices but quickly become addictive. It goes from a moral problem to a brain problem to an addiction before we know it. We then use that addiction to medicate our lives. 

The bicycle video is a classic example of how something we have become so accustomed to can be so difficult to change. Porn is that bicycle and the cyclical pattern we struggle so much to change. As it says in Romans 12:2 “..., but be transformed by the renewing of your mind .” Trying harder does not work. Our choices affect our children to the 3rd and 4th generation (see video below). This is not just about you, it affects all those around you. Start your walk of renewing your mind and breaking the generational curse today! See you in March!
A Note From C.M., Maryland

"The Conquer Series helped me to realize that it wasn't my fault. My husband always said that it was and I now know that it was his denial to accept that he had a problem. Talking with other women in the group was a huge release for me.

To know I wasn't alone and wasn't the only one who's husband blamed them for their actions. I now have some very special friends in my life that I cherish with all my heart. Love you all!"

A Note From KEITH, Maryland

I am so grateful that men around the world are finally able to access resources that are relevant and impactful in the area of addressing sexual brokenness and bondage, and that both young and more mature men are embracing the excellent work of pioneers like Dr. Weiss. 

His question and challenge, “Which way is your sword pointing?”, has been particularly powerful in my life because it has helped me understand to a deeper level the need to be protectors of those we love by engaging in the war against sexual misbehavior. 

If we as a culture do not address the pornography problem, it will destroy us. The violent sexual ideology it is teaching to an entire generation is transforming the way millions of people see sex, relationships, and even each other. Pornography is ruining marriages, ruining families, and ruining lives. It is long past time that we woke up and realized that we simply have no choice: We must deal with this, because it is everywhere. 

Thank God for Dr. Weiss and the thousands of men and women who are bravely standing, their swords pointed toward the enemy of our souls, to forge pathways to freedom!
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