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Avoiding conflict of this nature will not only strain the relationship, it opens up lust as an alternative. Lust never argues with you, exposes your weaknesses, questions your decisions, judgment or common sense. When you avoid conflict with your spouse, you take this pain inside of yourself.

Pain will want to be medicated. If lust has been your medicine, then lust will be pounding at your heart’s door to be let in once again. If you have a cycle of avoiding and medicating with lust, breaking this pattern by getting better at conflict can help you stay lust-free. If you avoid conflict I would buff up on this area so you can live lust-free for a lifetime. 

Content taken from: Lust Free Living

Listen to Dr. Weiss on Destroying the Seed of Lust!
70% of Christian men are actively looking at Porn. Eric Hovind was introduced to pornography at a Christian School in the 5th grade. Watch and see how this impacted his life.
Conquer Series brought hope, wisdom and direction in my life. I tried too long trying to overcome pornography all on my own and no matter what I tried, I always failed miserably. CS showed me its about fighting smarter not harder. Using a small group of men to be honest, emotionally vulnerable and accountable kick started my journey to recovery away from sexual addictions.

The Pillar Series taught me how to forgive myself and find the root of addiction that I’ve never been able to identify on my own. the Pillar Series removed the shame factor from my life because I completely moved away from a life of secrets and lies. The Pillar Series brought my marriage out of the trenches of despair and taught me how to properly share my emotions with my wife. I tell the men in my small group. No secrets, no shame is a game changer....

~Anonymous, Maryland
It's easier to raise healthy children than to repair a broken man!
Men -
Find Freedom From:

* Pornography
* Sexual Addiction
* Sexual Immorality
* Self Behavior
* Lust
* Adultery
* Intimacy Anorexia

Women -
Find Hope And Life After Betrayal.
You Are Not Alone And It's Not Your Fault.
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