Tray and Melody had been married for 11 years when Tray’s secret struggle with pornography and sexual sin ripped their family apart. After 6 years of divorce, God brought about a miraculous restoration and they reconciled and have been re-married for just over 10 years. Discovering that true healing is found on the other side of pain, Tray and Melody have a passion to help men, women, and families experience God’s grace in brokenness and to learn to connect deeply with others in authentic community.

Tray and Melody are sought after speakers and teachers on the subjects of marriage, parenting, sexual addiction, and betrayal trauma, and God’s wonderfully scandalous grace. Through Undone Redone, their Birmingham-based non-profit and weekly podcast, Tray and Melody provide life and marriage coaching, recovery intensives, parenting solutions, and help churches establish Christ-centered recovery groups. When Tray and Melody are not helping others they enjoy family, visiting food trucks, coffee shops, friends and anything outdoors.
Men -
Find Freedom From:

* Pornography
* Sexual Addiction
* Sexual Immorality
* Self Behavior
* Lust
* Adultery
* Intimacy Anorexia

Women -
Find Hope And Life After Betrayal.
You Are Not Alone And It's Not Your Fault.
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