Last month, Pastor Larry invited Tom & Michele Weaver to do a Spotlight at SAYSF Church for Sunday service on the upcoming FBC “Come to the Table” Conference March 29 & 30 th . On Sunday February 24 we shared some details about the conference as well as the importance of such an event.

The Conference is only 3 weeks away and we are trying to get the word out to as many folks as possible, whether hurting from their own struggles, past, present, future or those looking to help others in need. As we all know, the statistics are overwhelming and show that if not us, our paths will cross with the many who are broken!
On this week's episode of Tray & Melody Undone Redone Podcast, Tray discusses upcoming events before diving into the idea of the healing on the other side of pain. Tray talks about how pain is an important part of the healing process as God works to bring deep-rooted issues to the surface of our lives, and we can begin to work through them with His power and glory.
Two weeks ago on a Saturday morning I had the opportunity to meet for breakfast with Tom Weaver from Faith Bible Church in Mechanicsville, MD. Tom is an Amazing guy with an awesome testimony which highlights the Love, Grace and Mercy of God…I know personally when my wife found out back in Feb of 2015 that I was struggling with pornography, the six months from that Feb up until the time I joined a Pure Desire group...was definitely the loneliness six months of my life. I attend a church of @1000 people but never felt more alone because I had no one to talk to, I felt I must be the only one, if I mention anything people would think I am a freak.

God used Pure Desire to Start me on the path to healing and restoration. For the first time I started to experience real freedom, freedom to be honest and vulnerable with other men and not be judged, to be loved for who I am and who's I am and realize that I am not alone. There is a verse in the Bible which states the whatever is done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. There is a lot of truth in that verse, I never in my life expected to be involved in Groups dealing with sexual addiction but God has a wonderful way of taking our broken pieces and turn them into His masterpiece.

For a long time, Satan used my past, my guilt, my shame as a weapon against me and my family and they are still dealing with the fallout of my choices, But because God first loved me with a love that quite frankly I don't understand nor do I deserve, I have experienced His forgiveness and will not let my past define my future but instead, In the words of Dr. Ted Roberts, will use my past as a weapon against Satan and shove it down hell's throat. I believe there are many people in Church that are secretly carrying heavy burdens of many kinds, whether it be addictions, shame, guilt, relationship issues, depression, alcohol, drugs, and the list goes on.

I desire the Church to be a place of healing, where we can come and be honest with each other and vulnerable, and have people be lovingly honest with us, not being afraid of being judged but to be loved for who we are and I believe we are heading in that direction. I know where I've been and how I felt, this is a lifelong daily journey filled with struggles and victories and if there is one person out there I can put my arms around and walk along side of than that is what I want to do.

Terry B., Pennsylvania
Feeling Her Pain
By Dr. Doug Weiss
No one under the age of 16
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