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You have been receiving these Newsletters for quite some time now. Perhaps you are wondering what is the “Come to the Table” Conference and why should I go, what benefit will I get from it. First thing I will ask you to do is click on this link and listen to the theme song from Sidewalk Prophets . This song is the perfect invitation.

The Conference is a 2-day Men’s and Women’s event featuring some amazing speakers bringing hope and freedom. Sexual brokenness, porn, masturbation/self-behaviors, infidelity, is everywhere in society and effects those you love, NOT just you.

It has become the “norm”. The NORM? Really? But what is most devastating is that it has infiltrated the church. With nearly 70% of Christian men, 30% of the women and 50-58% of the Pastors involved in some form of sexual addiction, it is no wonder we are where we are.

ONLY 7% of ALL churches offer any type of ministry for the sexually broken or even attempt to broach this topic. Most have heard these stats before. We all see the news and rarely a week goes by without some type of sexual scandal. But the statistics don’t lie. The church is under attack. Men, women, MARRIAGES and our youth are under attack DAILY. It is time for the church to fight back, to stand up and fight for all I just mentioned.

Guys, we are proud and like to bury our problems. We think sexual addiction is about “those guys” never ME. We think locker room “banter” and promiscuous water cooler talk, flirting, checking out this, looking at that is ok, “it doesn’t hurt anyone”. But that is where it starts. Here is where it leads:

Every Second:

 28,258 internet users are watching porn
 Over $3,000 is being spent on porn on the internet alone
 In the US alone, 37 porn videos are being created
 2.5 MILLION emails containing porn are being sent or received
 25% of ALL searches (68 million) are porn related

Effects on Marriages:

 Nearly half of families (47%) in the US report that porn is a problem in their home
 Porn use increases the marital infidelity rate by more than 300%
 56% of all divorce cases involve one parties obsessive interest in pornography
 68% of all divorce cases involve one party meeting someone online.

Effects on Youth:

 Increases the odds of teen pregnancy
 Hinders sexual development
 Raises risk of depression
 Raises risk of bullying
 Creates distorted expectations, hinders sexual development and hinders sexual performance with their future spouse.

Sexual addiction, brokenness and pornography have become so prevalent that 11 States have now declared it a Public Health Crisis. This means it's a threat to our society.

Enough said. It is an epidemic and is sweeping thru the church. Maybe you still feel it is not you. None of this applies to you. I only had one affair. I thought that too. It is NEVER over until you deal with the root issue. And that’s what this conference is about. Starting the process, starting the healing.

But the first step only starts on March 29-30. The journey goes on long after that. At the conference, Tray and Melody Lovvorn who were featured in the Heart of Man Man Movie, will be sharing their story of divorce, hope and reconciliation. Dr. Doug Weiss, from Heart To Heart Counseling , will be speaking all day Saturday on the following:

 Clean – “CLEANNESS” A Proven Plan for Sexual Integrity
 Recovery from Sexual Brokenness
 How Sexual Brokenness is Affecting the Church and Marriages
 Intimacy Anorexia within a Marriage
 Healing: Individually, Marriages and Spiritually - “Protecting What You Love”
 What do I do Now that I Know?
 Will I Ever Trust Him Again?

In the end, we will have an hour-long Q&A session allowing anyone to ask any question anonymously or publicly. Dr. Weiss holds no punches and will address any topic or question head on, boldly and honestly.

Don’t let the enemy ambush you, your marriage or your family! Take off the mask and become real with all of us walking this journey. It is a painful one, but it is a journey worth traveling. There is nothing like having the chains broken and living in freedom and the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ! There is hope!

Trust me I know, I have been there. So “Come to the Table”. Pull up your chair, bring your spouse and youth (over 16), your neighbor, friend or co-worker and gain some incredible knowledge and freedom from the amazing speakers. Faith Bible Church is committed to this battle and I challenge all of you to do the same!

Tickets are on sale - $45/per person . Join us for the first step. We look forward to seeing you there!

~ Tom and Michele Weaver
Knowing that there is even a slight chance that my sexual choices, be it pornography, masturbation, affairs, or prostitutes could in some way affect my daughter and her future choices, I would run from these practices.

I also would like to believe that a man who chooses a clean life can also have an impact on his daughters. I know that my daughter has been positively impacted, not only by hearing me teach this. She has been impacted by me walking out of the room if something is inappropriate on television or a movie. You are a man, and you do impact your children’s choices. 

Content taken from:
Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity
For decades I battled through sexual sin. I was aware that my sin was destructive and I had a hatred for it. For years I would cry out to God to take it away! The change I was looking for came when I finally saw my sin was against a Holy God. Just like when David saw his sin was against God (Psalm 51:4). After years of sin I finally repented, acknowledging my sin, my failures, and my pride was against a Holy God. I asked through the power of the Holy Spirit to forgive me and help me turn from my wickedness. 
God won’t take our challenges away, He’s looking for humble, broken, and repentive men who are willing to obey His commands. With the power of Gods Word and His Spirit I have been able to walk in a new level of freedom. Along with my brothers in Christ from the Conquer Series, I’m digging into the roots of my addiction and allowing Gods word to change me into the man God has called me to be.

~ Justin, Wester Chester, PA
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