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ComfortCare Women's Health • Fall 2021 Newsletter
Did you know that the highest abortion rates are among 20-24 year olds? Did you know that the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are among 15-24 year olds?
Do you see the overlap?

What are the chances that the same women that have an unintended pregnancy may also have, or be at risk of having, an STI? ComfortCare Women’s Health has an opportunity to serve this health-vulnerable community, even more effectively. After examining the absence of free STI testing and treatment in the Lexington/Rockbridge area, we decided that we could fill that gap.
This fall, ComfortCare will start to offer free testing for the most prevalent STIs in our Lexington clinic. As we grow in experience, we are hopeful that it will lead to a new service in the Staunton area as well.

ComfortCare Women's Health
has an opportunity to
serve this health-vulnerable
community even more effectively.

While I am thankful that we can meet this basic need for the community, I am also thankful to share a different message with this population. Recently, I found myself saddened as I watched videos on Planned Parenthood’s website – videos that target a teen audience on subjects from how to talk to your parents about sex, how to talk about having safer sex, STI testing, and so many more. I’m disheartened that our youth are inundated with messages from abortion providers that frame unhealthy sexual and relationship behaviors as empowering. I’m disheartened that, for some, this voice will be the loudest one they hear.

I believe STI testing is a natural addition for ComfortCare to engage this population in a discussion that allows us to remind her of all of her options. As we have prepared to incorporate this new service, please review some of the insights we have found and learn about some things you can do to truly empower our communities with truth and love.

What can YOU do?

Provide FINANCIAL SUPPORT ComfortCare will be the only provider of FREE STI testing and treatment in Lexington. Through your generosity, we will be offering free testing & treatment for the most commonly reported STIs + free pregnancy testing, and a factual, medically based discussion about the risks associated with being sexually active. 

HELP US ADVERTISE Do you know a location where we can post an informative flyer? A place we can display rack cards? Or somewhere that would benefit from education about these new services? If so, please email our staff nurse, Mary Kuhar at mary@ccwomenshealth.org

TALK TO THE YOUTH IN YOUR LIFE. Find out where they are getting their information and how they are shaping decisions about their own sexual health. YOU are a valuable resource to them. Make yourself available to have an open, honest conversation and answer any questions they may have. 

Get to know our Staff Members
VP of Clinical Operations

Tell us about your family (& pets?): My little family consists of my husband Glenn, myself, our dogs Denali & Rohn, and our ducks Webster, Nibbles, Mable, and Maude.

Where do you go to church? Lexington Baptist.

How long have you been involved with ComfortCare? Since the spring of 2012.

What led you to ComfortCare? In short, God. I was working at a job that had little purpose; Glenn and I prayed for a job opening for me that would have great purpose. Not long after that, God opened up the Lexington clinic nurse position and I was hired.

What inspires you about this ministry? God’s orchestration and work. It’s amazing how some people find out about us. ComfortCare does frontline work and truly sits and listens with patients in need. We get to see a small glimpse of the Divine in each person and sometimes they begin to see it for themselves, which is even more wonderful. May His hand continue to bless and guide us.

Who has been an inspiring influence in your life and why? My parents have been a big influence in my life. They modeled and taught my siblings and I so much about a strong work ethic, honesty, and faithfulness to God. Many missionaries have also influenced me to see life’s big picture, our role in it, and the stuff that should be done despite hardship.

What is your favorite place to vacation? Anywhere in the West or North; any place where there’s cooler weather.

What have you learned during covid-19 about your life/work/family? Change is inevitable and attitude is paramount; there’s much to be learned and heard in the quiet times of life if we allow it. Being flexible is a great thing to practice, even when forced upon us by a virus! 

What is your favorite way to relax? Anything that involves quiet, nature, solitude, and my husband (all those together is Heaven on Earth for me).

Coffee or Tea? Tea for the win! “Coffee is deceitful; it’s desperately nasty, who should drink it?” (This is my take on Jeremiah 17:9)

Get to know our Board Members
Board Chair

Tell us about your family (& pets?): I am blessed with two lovely adult children, a son and daughter, their dear spouses, and one delightful granddaughter. Living in the Lexington area allows me to be within an hour of each of them.

Where do you go to church? I am a member of Grace Presbyterian Church. I have attended Grace since I moved to Lexington four and a half years ago.

How long have you been involved with ComfortCare? I’ve been involved with ComfortCare for almost two years. Prior to moving to Lexington, I was a supporter of another pro-life Center in Central Virginia.

What led you to ComfortCare? Grace Church is deeply involved with the ministry of ComfortCare. Several of my dear friends at Grace were and are actively involved in supporting the CCWH mission and fundraising events. Their invitations to be a part of several events helped set the stage for my current work on the board.

What inspires you about this ministry?  I am deeply inspired by the fact that we at CCWH can speak for those who have no voice. There are little ones whose lives are saved when their mothers choose life through the ministrations of ComfortCare. The Lord uses ComfortCare and other life-affirming ministries to protect lives that He has begun to knit together. He has a plan and purpose for each life. On this side of eternity, we may never know what those plans are, but we can be assured that His purposes will be fulfilled.

Who has been an inspiring influence in your life and why?
I have care and compassion for women who are in difficult circumstances. Perhaps that started when I was young and my dearly loved grandmother, who had experienced a stroke and was partially paralyzed following the birth of her fourth child, lived with my family. I was inspired by her and other women in my life who exhibited courage, fortitude, and even humor during times that could have been crushing, but were not due to the faithfulness of Jesus and their choice to persevere during trials of faith. Women with crisis pregnancies need to hear that they can get through their difficult days also.

What is your favorite place to vacation? I love the mountains for living and the beach for visiting. My family and I take a trip annually to a favorite Outer Banks beach.

What have you learned during covid-19 about your life/work/family? Relationships are always most important. As evidenced through various philosophers, the Greek focus of life is knowledge. The Hebrew (Biblical) model is relationships. Of course, the primary relationship must be with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Greater isolation during Covid helped re-affirm that we are never alone. Jesus is always with us and never leaves us. The comfort of His Word and His Spirit for all seasons of life was re-affirmed during the pandemic.

What is your favorite way to relax? I love to read and to think in a quiet place. I also love being on the water, boating especially.  

Coffee or Tea? Tea, absolutely! I usually drink English and Irish Breakfast teas. As I’ve aged I’ve found I can’t have caffeine after 2:00 PM, it messes up my sleep. So come the morning, I can’t wait for that first cup of hot tea!