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ComfortCare Women's Health • Spring 2021 Newsletter
Which version of truth do we want to give to the next generation?
Knowledge is power. Education is the premise of progress. You shouldn’t make decisions in a vacuum.

Clearly, information is valuable. But what version of truth are we defining as valuable? Is it truth from our social media accounts? Is it truth from our network of friends or family? Is it truth from our educational institutions? Or is it the “truth that will set you free?”
Pew Research Center (Igielnik & Parker, 2021) has identified Gen Z as being on track to be the “best educated generation yet.” However, another study tells us that only 4% of Generation Z hold a Biblical worldview (Marrow, 2021). 

We have a choice. We can accept the fact that most of our children will receive education related to issues about sexual health and purity from secular sources that represent one agenda OR we can arm the rising generations with factual information + a biblical worldview.

" Only 4% of GenZ hold
a biblical worldview. "
-Marrow 2021

Currently, our youth are making decisions about their sexual health from popular culture and half-truths. Let’s be a part of change. Let’s give them a safe place to process the messages they are inundated with and show them that they are not defined by their decisions…past or present. Let’s offer them something more. Let’s assure them that they are precious, they are loved, and they are worth fighting for. 
Our truth shapes our worldview. Contemplate the truth that you see being shaped through the statistics above. Is this the truth we want for our kids? Grandkids? Neighbors? Community? It’s not a judgment. It’s a reality. They are faced with rising porn use; rising numbers of sexual partners and thus, rising numbers of STIs. Yet, they continue to get their “truth” from YouTube, SnapChat, and outside “influencers.”

While some of these numbers look bleak, we also know it’s not the only part of the story. We know that “members of this generation tend to believe that change must come from dialogue” (Francis & Hoefel, 2018). Do you know who they want to dialogue with? YOU. Over half of surveyed individuals from Generation Z identified parents or other family members as their role models (Barna, 2018).

Let’s choose to engage the world around us. Let’s choose to engage this rising generation in a conversation it seems they are seeking. Let’s choose to engage them with facts + a Biblical worldview as they step towards their future. 

While there are many activities/conversations to engage in, we have compiled a small list of a couple you could consider:

Volunteer with your church youth group. Find meaningful ways of connecting with these future generations.

Get to know your kids and their friends. Remember, your kid’s friends are shaping their truth.

Pray for your kids, their friends, and this rising generation. Psalm 145:3-4; Psalm 71:18

Memorize scripture with the youth in your life: John 17:17; Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 139:13-14; 1 John 3:1

Welcome these conversations with your kids! Consider asking your kids “what are your questions” to start the dialogue, learn what they know, and help share your wisdom with the next generation!

Be a good steward of information. Seek out and share accurate resources and look for ways to share with the young people in your lives. If ComfortCare can help in that effort, let us know!

Partner with ComfortCare Women’s Health as we strive to engage our community youth. Email if you are interested in learning about an exciting new project we have coming up!

"... I declare your power
to the next generation,
your mighty acts to
all who are to come."
Psalm 71:18

At ComfortCare Women’s Health, we have felt the call to meet our youth where they are: meet them with clarity, meet them with truth, meet them with grace, meet them with answers. The team at ComfortCare is creating a first-of-a-kind project addressing the scientific, psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges unique to our day. And it’s perfect for youth groups, clubs, schools, and any other youth organization. It is still in development, but please email if you would like more information as it comes available.

Get to know our Staff Members
Director of Development

Tell us about your family: 
My immediate family consists of my parents and six siblings, all of whom live in Virginia!

How long have you been involved with ComfortCare? 
Almost 4 years now! I started as a volunteer Patient Advocate, was hired to work in events, and have now held my position as Director of Development for a little over a year.

What led you to ComfortCare? 
A desire to reach this very vulnerable community for life! I love life, and have a heart for those who struggle over these important decisions. And I love the way ComfortCare serves so compassionately.

What inspires you about this ministry? 
The way that our entire team is bonded by faith in God, and a heart for our patients.

Who has been an inspiring influence in your life and why? 
My parents, who taught me the value of life, and of standing up for truth.

And the historical figure – William Wilberforce – who fought tirelessly for the freedom of all mankind, as they are created in the image of God.

What is your favorite place to vacation? 
Somewhere on the water – either at the beach, or on the lake.

What have you learned during COVID-19 about your life, work, & family? 
(Where do I begin?! Haha!)
a) Realizing, again, what the most important things are in life
b) Reliance on God – being stretched in so many ways
c) Flexibility – because nothing goes as planned
d) Re-thinking everything, because COVID changes life, but life needs to go on!

What is your favorite way to relax? 
Being outdoors…especially on the water!

If you had to pick just one... Coffee or Tea?
Coffee – preferably with caramel or chocolate ;)

Get to know our Board Members
Board Member

Tell us about your family: 
My husband Heath and I have been married for 15 1/2 years. We have 2 adorable girls, Kennedy and Kensley, who bring so much joy to our family. I am a former public school teacher but now homeschool both our girls. We also have an 11 year old Weimaraner named Rucker. 

What led you to ComfortCare?
Our first awareness of ComfortCare was our church’s involvement with yearly fundraisers once we moved to the valley. A couple of years ago I was faced one on one with an individual contemplating abortion. The Lord started burdening my heart for these ladies and situations. Through months of prayer as to how I could be more involved I met Stephanie and our hearts were nitched. I was then asked to serve as a board member of ComfortCare.  

What inspires you about this ministry? The thing that most inspires me about ComfortCare is the genuine desire to reach ladies and educate them so they they are empowered to make the best decision. They take the time to provide information for this decision making process through love. ComfortCare provides the physical, emotional, and spiritual help!

Who has been an inspiring influence in your life and why? Throughout my entire life, my grandparents have been the most influential people in my life. They have encouraged and empowered me to be who God created me to be. They have prayed and always given me godly advice from the scriptures. They have taught me to follow Christ and His word, the Bible. My grandparents have been married for 68 years. Just 3 weeks ago, my papaw went to heaven. Grandma has faithfully continued to remind me that the Lord is good and gracious. Her testimony has impacted me and now my two daughters.

What is your favorite place to vacation? My favorite place to vacation is the beach, especially Hawaii. 

What have you learned during COVID-19 about your life, work, & family?
I have learned so many things during Covid. For our church, I have learned that the Lord is in control if we trust Him. He provided for our church in so many ways the past year, as He has done with the ministry of ComfortCare. For me personally, it has reminded me how important my family time is. My husband and children are my greatest mission field. We have all learned to trust God's timing which has joined our hearts in a greater way. It's a bond that goes beyond our home, into our community. Lastly, it has shown me how important my walk is with Christ on a daily, personal basis. I need Him more than ever! I can go to Him in prayer and trust Him at His word.  

What is your favorite way to relax?
My favorite way to relax is to spend an afternoon by the pool/beach with an encouraging book or to cook in the kitchen and share it with my family and/or friends. 

If you had to pick just one... Coffee or Tea? I love coffee!!!! I enjoy coffee any way-hot or cold depending on the season! The coffee is preset the night before and brewed and ready each morning just in time for my quiet time with the Lord. My favorite specialty coffee is a flat white, extra hot.  
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