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ComfortCare Women's Health • Summer 2022 Newsletter
We are all witnessing a pivotal moment in the battle for life right now. In fact, by the time you receive this newsletter, a final decision from the Supreme Court may have already been announced… Roe v. Wade overturned. It is hard for me to believe that decision is even a possibility. Yet here we are, waiting. Do you know what we are doing while we wait?

Serving and preparing.

I am just as encouraged as anyone as we await such a significant decision. However, every day, our staff continues to receive calls and inquiries asking about how to get an abortion.
Throughout the week, we continue to meet with women and men as we share complete education about pregnancy, pregnancy options, and of course, life. We continue to serve because women and men continue to seek abortion. In fact, we are preparing for the need to increase as a court decision is rendered. No matter a legal decision, this reality will continue until we see changed hearts… something we know the court system will not accomplish. 

Thus, we want to take this opportunity to invite you to help us continue to serve right where we are needed and prepare for the potential that lies ahead. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about our faithful group of Defenders and the invitation that is open to you to join us.
The women who walk through our doors are uncertain and scared, yet also strong and brave. It takes courage to make an informed decision. It takes courage to hear a perspective that may be different than yours. It takes courage to sift through some very hard circumstances and be open to finding a way through them. It is the heart of all of us at ComfortCare to truly see and value the women that take this courageous step. She is worth loving. She is worth defending.
We recently saw a teenager, *Annie, to confirm her pregnancy and help her navigate the fear she held of disappointing her parents. She needed a safe place to process these fears. She needed to see what she already had within – courage and love. Since her initial appointment, she has returned for an ultrasound. She and the father of the baby are committed to LIFE for their child and open communication with her parents.

Many women feel forced into abortion because it is hard to see anything but the fear. Just like *Annie, we hope that we can offer a space for all of our patients to feel safe to process what they need to make a healthy decision. When we do this – when our supporters provide this space – we know she will be empowered to make a decision in truth and love as opposed to fear and societal pressure.

*name changed to protect identity.
At the heart of this work, we affirm that all life is valuable and God-given. In a world that does not value that Truth, how do we come together to protect the unborn?

We rally together with the power of prayer. If you are not already a part of our 12:12 Prayer Network, it is the most powerful way to support ComfortCare Women’s Health and to protect the unborn. We invite you to learn more about these opportunities by visiting SupportCC.org/1212-prayer.

At ComfortCare, we also provide a “window to the womb” through the offering of free ultrasounds. So many women are not fully aware of the life that is growing inside of them. A life-altering decision deserves all of the information, including knowing how far along she is, if her baby is growing within her uterus, and if there is a heartbeat. While our medical professionals explain the images to her during her appointment, we also utilize a service that allows us to send all of her ultrasound pictures straight to her phone – images of her child, videos of the baby’s heartbeat – a true and lasting picture of the life that continues to grow within her womb. It is hard to fathom that current practice does not require her to have this information before receiving abortion pills in the mail. Yet, we protect the unborn and defend her by committing to give her factual and complete information.

Our goal is to attain 30 NEW DEFENDERS during the month of July.

Why 30? What if ComfortCare Women’s Health received 30 calls per day, asking for information and help? What if a woman with an unintended pregnancy called us instead of a provider that could send her abortion pills in the mail?
A recent Guttmacher article states that medication abortions now account for more than half of all US abortions: “While the use of medication abortion has been steadily increasing since it was first approved, the COVID-19 pandemic likely accelerated that trend. Since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, there has been increased attention on the benefits of telehealth – and abortion has very much been a part of that conversation.”* 
As we all anticipate what a post-Roe era will look like, pregnancy centers are encouraged to look at lessons learned from states that have passed heartbeat bills. While these experiences increased the need for local resources, it also increased the number of calls searching for abortion pills by mail. One organization that provides abortion pill services noted that their calls increased from 11 per day to 30 per day after a state passed such legislation. 30 women per day. 

Let us stand in the gap for these women. Let ComfortCare be her first phone call.