30% OFF Sale! Majik Azulene Cleanser Version #2 (mild)
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This is one of our most popular cleansers. Mildly sudsing and rich with emollient and hydrating ingre-dients, this cleanser is ideal for oily, dehydrated and/or sensitive skin (as long as your skin is not Rosacea prone). Although not designed for every skin type, this is a wonderful cleanser. Make sure to use very little as this is extremely concentrated. As a reminder, keep in mind that your skin does not need cleansing most mornings. Over cleansing can cause the skin to dry out over time. Even the most gentle cleansers can lend themselves to this dilemma. 
GoW Comfrey Stem Cell Soothing/Hydrating Serum 
This is our current sample going out with finished products 
One of the newer stem cell ingredients (Comfrey Leaf) on the market today. This is exciting and potentially having the ability to calm and heal irritated skin. Anything from climate change (windy), a Rosacea flare up, sunburn, too much topical acid, etc.
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