Limited Master Point Games on BBO
ACBL - BBO is going to be starting
new limited masterpoint games on BBO!

They will roll out the games in the Evening to start, but plan to eventually move to a five time a day schedule:
MP-Morning(10 ET), MP-Aft(1 ET), MP- Late-Aft(4 ET),
MP-Evening(7ET), MP-Graveyard(10ET)

To be eligible to play in these games, you must have an ACBL number, have a BBO user name and have played in at least one Virtual Club game. Also, to be able to play in these games, the Club has to enroll you in the 'Master Game' for this series.

ACBL has not announced a start date for these games, but they are in trials in District 9 (Florida). We want you to be ready to take advantage of this opportunity when it is rolled out for our District.

If you are not playing online yet and want to start - Reply to this email and we will get you started.

If you have BBO all set up, but have not played in a virtual game, try one this week. The CBC offers a 0-300 at 12:55 PM on Mondays and Thursday. If you have any questions about this game, give me a call and we will help you find the game. We need to have your BBO user name on file for you to participate.

If you do not have an ACBL number, please CLICK on this LINK to join the ACBL. They will give you a number in minutes.

For those players who have already played in a CBC virtual game, you are already enrolled. At some point in the near future, I will add a tab on the CBC webpage to list all our members who are eligible for these games - to help you find partners!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Reply to this email, or give me a call. At some point, I will add a tab on the CBC webpage to list all our members who are eligible for these game to help you check your enrollment status and also find partners!

Kathy Kimmerling
Club Manager
Columbia Bridge Club
Cell: (734) 476-4046