Coming Soon! Replacement for ERES

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with a new 3PL Software Solution, Deposco. Deposco will soon replace our ERES portal. While ERES has provided our customers with a crtical link into Fortress, our dedicated team is constantly working to partner with and implement best-in-class services that not only make tasks easier for our customers, but allow them to more effectively manage their business. We are proud to take this next step with you!

Below you will find more information regarding our new solution plus a sneak peek!

Please stay alert this week as we communicate vital information regarding the move to Deposco and provide you with login credentials!

Thank you for allowing us to expand what's possible with you.

New! Features & Functionality

Below is a handful of the new features & functionality you will receive with the move:

  • Faster & easier order entry
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Reporting opportunities
  • Follow the order through the process to shipping
  • Same notifications through email - Order Confirmation & Order Tracking

Don't worry! Historical data will be available through ERES.

Screenshot 2022-03-18 154321.jpg

Take a Look! Sneak Peek Below

Wide Monitor_Deposco 2.png

Questions Regarding the Announcement?

Please reach out to the Fortress Solutions Logistics Team at:

EMAIL | [email protected]

PHONE | 800-824-0469 or +1-352-314-1680

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2100 10th Street, Suite 300

Plano, TX 75074

USA 1.800.431.5614

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