Applications for the Small Business Assistance Grant Program
Will Be Available Soon
City of Milpitas - Office of Economic Development | January 25, 2022
The City of Milpitas will soon launch a $5,000 grant program for eligible small businesses. This program is made possible by the American Rescue Plan Act and approved by the Milpitas City Council to expedite the country’s recovery from COVID-19 and stimulate the economy from a recession.
With the new infusion of federal dollars, the City Council prioritized the investment of $1,500,000 for the benefit of the Milpitas small business community, who are the backbone of the local economy. The grants may be used for rent/mortgage, payroll, and operating expenses for products or services.
In order for a small business to be eligible for the grant program, they must:
  1. Have a current business license and employ 1-25 employees;
  2. Operate a physical commercial storefront within the city limits of Milpitas. Daycare centers located in physical commercial and/or home-based locations are eligible for grants;
  3. Demonstrate good standing with the City of Milpitas and the California Labor Commissioner’s Office (active business license, no code enforcement issues, no wage theft violations, etc).
While all Milpitas small businesses that meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply, the City Council is especially interested in assisting daycare businesses (commercial/home-based), as well as fitness, recreation, and yoga businesses. Businesses that were deemed eligible under the 2020 Milpitas Microenterprise Grant Program and entered the lottery, but did not receive grants, will receive funding from the 2022 Milpitas Small Business Assistance Grant Program if they apply and are deemed eligible.
The City of Milpitas has contracted with LiveStories, a civic analytics/software company, to administer the small business grant program. Once the City is ready to accept applications for the 2022 Milpitas Small Business Assistance Program, there will be another email notice with additional information, including a website link where grant requests may be submitted. 
If you have any questions or need business assistance, please visit our website. Additionally, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Economic Development team by sending us an email. Assistance is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and other languages. The pandemic has created hardship for Milpitas families and businesses alike. Please know that we stand with you as you navigate your way out of the pandemic. We are here to help you!

In community spirit,
Alex Andrade
Director of Economic Development
(408) 586-3046