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Sep. 23, 2016

by, Syndicated Columnist

  Cathy Harris 
Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Advice Columnist at, 
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As an Speaker, Author, Coach and Researcher, I am very well-informed on how the federal government work, especially after working for them for many years, including the military, U.S. Army. 

A few years ago, we had heard that the government would have MANDATORY vaccination laws in this country. However, most people including myself, could not visualize how they would do this. 

Many people were also worried back then that the government would put RFID chips (Microchips) in shots under our skin to keep up with our whereabouts and to keep us in line. All of this is now possible with this new MANDATORY vaccination program. 

We did not see the BIG PICTURE at that time, but now their plans are laid out in front of us.  Keep reading this article, which explains exactly how they are implementing one of the most horrific vaccination programs of all times in this country for ALL MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN. 

It's seems like this could be something straight out of a science fiction movie, however, this is your government at work. So prepare to TAKE ACTION and save the people you live with and the people you love.

One Movement
This article is an update to the article I wrote entitled CDC Autism Vaccine Tragedy: Is It Another Tuskegee? -- so go back and read that article and educate yourself.

We had a very good gathering of VAXXED Dallas activists/advocates on Sep. 18, 2016, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who flew in for the event, so kudos to Regina Imburgia for bringing us all together. You can also find Regina on facebook.
The Dallas gathering was simply to come together for an action plan to deal with the VAXXED 
(Vaccination) movement, especially for the people of Dallas. 

A few of the questions from the audience were about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), especially when the lady asked, "Why are kids so huge today?" Dr. Wakefield response was very honest. He simply stated "I Don't Know" because most doctors know very little about GMOs. Children are  huge today because that is a side effect of eating GMOs

Everyone need to remember that 
"The GMO Movement and the VAXXED Movement is ONE MOVEMENT." It's the "SAFE FAMILY MOVEMENT."

In the GMO movement (Join me on facebook for the National Non-GMO Health Movement) -- these were the groups we targeted  healthcare practitioners, patient advocacy and support groups, parents, schools, campuses, youth, health-conscious consumers and natural products industry, media and messaging, chefs and food service, green groups, spiritual and religious groups, etc. -- so let's do the same with the VAXXED movement.

Despite the breath being knocked out of the GMO movement in July 2016, when President Obama signed "The DARK Act (Deny Americans The Right To Know)" -- we still need proactive GMO campaigns in every city.  
Now to tell if a food product is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), consumers will need to use a smart phone to scan the barcode of packaged foods.  T he  problem is most poor folks don't have smart phones, so it's important to conduct research before going shopping.

My 4 favorite GMO movies include:
Watch the above movies and learn everything you need to know about GMOs.

Join the VAXXED Team
Dr. Wakefield is the producer of the VAXXED movie . The movie is NOW AVAILABLE for streaming online for $3.99 and the VAXXED DVD is available for $24.95. 

The official website is . Sign up for the mailing list and monitor the website to see when the VAXXED Tour is coming to your city or just set up a "VAXXED Movie Screening and Discussion" for your city. Also make sure you sign up for the website to receive all the updated autism news.
On one front we have the producer, director and others on the VAXXED tour bus riding around the country hitting several cities. Then we have the Nation of Islam, Brother Tony Muhammad, visiting 47 cities, which is great. So we are coming after them (aka the government) on more than one front.

How The Government Will Make Vaccinations Mandatory for Everyone  
According to Dr. Wakefield, Texas might be the safest state at this time, that might be able to keep out mandatory vaccination laws for children and adults, but only if we continue to stay proactive on this issue.

However, even here in Dallas, TX, they are currently telling many seniors on Medicare, if they would like to continue to receive their Medicare benefits, they need to be FULLY-VACCINATED. 

They are also telling Veterans ( who want to receive VA benefits this also. So these mandatory laws are slowly creeping into every state.

So not only are children with parents on welfare in public housing being forced to take vaccinations, they are also coming after parents receiving welfare checks and Medicaid.

I am pretty sure they will also do this with the Social Security Disability benefits program and other programs in this country. I am sure doctor's offices or insurance companies will tell you if you are not FULLY-VACCINATED in the future, you will have higher insurance premiums or face some other type of penalty. Or maybe doctors will only wait on people who have been FULLY-VACCINATED.

This I am guessing at, but it is not too 'far-fetched' -- so watch how they will implement MANDATORY vaccination laws for your entire family, because it's definitely coming, especially if you don't stand up now and fight back. 

Losing Family and Friends Because of Your Belief System
This country is so divided on this vaccination issue.  Many, especially women, at the Dallas VAXXED movie screening stated to me personally, that their friends and churches no longer welcome them into their circles, because they refuse to vaccinate their kids. 

I responded and told them "good riddance." Do you really want these types of people in your life anyway? Personally, I stopped talking to a friend of 30 years because she refused to get involved with her grandchild that is 5 years old, and has never spoken a word, so of course he has autism. 

We don't have time to be embarrassed about the condition of our children, but it is high time that we take action all over this country.  

Could Parents Not Know Their Kids Were 'Vaccine-Injured'?              
It's great to have these community discussions because someone there, just might have that missing piece of the puzzle. 

For instance, one lady stated that she heard that 87% of kids,  after their wellchild checkups, where of course they receive vaccinations, end up back at their pediatrician's office with an illness. 

So maybe parents don't even know their kids are "VACCINE INJURED." That just makes sense! Some of these vaccine injuries could be "MILD" and might come with a high fever or some type of illness.  While a "SEVERE" reaction could be when the kids STOP looking at their parents, STOP walking and STOP speaking. 

How Many Vaccinations Are Required for Children Today?
My daughters received a total of 8 shots apiece in1981 and 1982. Some are saying today it's 28 shots, then I heard 49 and even 80 shots. 

So I  have no idea how many vaccinations they are giving kids today, but don't forget that 80% of the funds that pediatricians make is from vaccinations. 

I spoke to a young mother the other day and she said the pediatrician told her to bring the baby in every 2 months for vaccinations.  So they do give newborns shots as soon as they are born, at least two shots. 
Do Pediatricians Have Their Own Vaccination Schedules?
It looks like the maximum number of vaccinations they can give at one time is 7 shots/vaccinations. Some of the two months old infants are receiving 3, 4 or 5 shots at one time, so I believe each doctor has their own vaccination schedules. 

They could be doubling up or even tripling up on these shots, without the knowledge of the parents. It was hard for me to keep up with 8 shots apiece, so it would be easy for pediatricians today to carry out this type of illegal practice, without a parent's consent. 

We might need to revise the vaccination form or shot record, so that parents will have an easier time keeping up with vaccinations. 

This way mothers, families, women's groups and other advocacy groups, can sit down and compare the number of vaccinations their children are receiving and when these vaccinations are taking place. This form might be different in each city, county or state.

My Ordeal With Heavy Metals and Vaccinations
I know first hand about heavy metals ( Thimerosal ) in vaccinations. In July 2016 of this year, because of a knee injury from the military and a shoulder injury from working out, I went to the and had 3 shots in 2 days (1 in each knee and 1 in my shoulder).

In about 3 days, once those heavy metals reached my brain, I literally could not move for over a week or longer. All I could do was get up out of bed, eat, sit in front of my computer, and just lay back down. I had no thinking ability whatsoever.

I could not go to the gym, to the store, write articles, work on books and especially multi-task. My brain was completely turned off from the back-to-back vaccinations.

Being a holistic and natural healer, I knew exactly what to do to remove the heavy metals from my body. I knew which foods to eat, which supplements to take and I had to engage in a 14 day FULL-BODY detox program, just to remove the heavy metals from my system. Then I slowly gained my brain function back. 

So if this happened to me, an adult, can you imagine all these heavy metals going into the brains of babies with these BACK-TO-BACK vaccinations?

You can learn more about how to remove heavy metals from your body in my health book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3) - available as an e-book and paperback book.

They Are Even Coming After Pregnant Women
Dr. Wakefield is speaking for all doctors and he said doctors know very little about vaccines except they were taught that vaccines save lives. 

He also said the pharmaceutical industry wants you from the CRADLE to the GRAVE...Then he apologized and said...however, they are also coming after pregnant women.

Dr. Wakefield said the pharmaceutical industry plan is to give vaccines not just to children and adults, but also to pregnant women.

Back when my mom became a mother, women were having babies with all types of deformities, because mothers were taking medication for morning sickness. 

Surely pregnant women today are not going to allow an OB/GYN doctor to give them any type of vaccination.  Are women today really that gullible? 

Everyone with common sense know that if you are pregnant, you should NEVER take any type of medication and especially a vaccination including a flu shot. You should only be eating good organic foods during this time and taking prenatal vitamins.

300 New Vaccines Coming Down the Pipeline
The pharmaceutical industry is BIG BUSINESS in this country and according to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, there are 300 new vaccines coming down the pipeline or is in production by the pharmaceutical industry at this time.

So not only are these MIND-BLOCKING vaccinations given to kids, but they also have a plan to FORCE ADULTS 
to have these vaccinations -- as if we don't already live in a ZOMBIE-LIKE/BRAIN-DEAD society from eating GMO foods containing heavy metals.

Everyone might as well gear up for the Zika Virus because it will definitely be one of the vaccines coming down the pipeline. I interviewed a mosquito expert from Dallas, Mosquito Steve, on my radio show, "The Cathy Harris Show."  
The state of Rhode Island  has mandated that girls and boys be vaccinated against HPV, which also contains heavy metals that have left many young girls with a brain injury and in many cases it has caused death. This vaccine is even causing some of the teenage girls to go into menopause. The HPV vaccine is also being tested for infants.

California, First State to Make Mandatory Vaccination Laws for Children and Adults
I am so disappointed with the state of California. California, a state that is so obsessed with aging and is one of the most liberal states out there, so we were all surprised when the GMO bill wasn't passed in 2012, after being the FIRST STATE with the GMO bill on their ballots. 

California who has already passed mandatory vaccination laws (SB 277) for CHILDREN,  just became the FIRST STATE to pass MANDATORY vaccination laws for ADULTS

So many people are running for the border and leaving California for other states, just to keep from vaccinating their kids and now themselves.

People in California thought they could dodge the bullet by homeschooling their kids, but now they are coming after homeschoolers , especially in states like Virginia . Again, they are creeping into every state. So is there anyway to escape this - maybe not.
Again, by 2032, in 16 years, 80% of children (every other male child or one out of two) (especially black children) and especially boys will have autism. 

Over 100,000 children will be diagnosed this year and every year after with autism. It takes 5 million dollars a year to raise a child with autism  -- so you do the math. 

If this vaccination bill is passed across this country, instead of just California and a few other states, can you imagine how this country would look?
Not only will parents who have kids with autism suffer, but what about the kids without autism being educated in the school system. They will barely have enough resources to spend on the kids who don't have autism. 

And with 60% of people today in nursing homes being in their late 40s and early 50s, mostly because of eating GMOs, who is going to be left to take care of children with autism, who grow into a 50 or 60 year old adult? 

Nursing homes are already full of kids with severe cases of autism, because families just couldn't take care of them. Most did not have the resources or they were too sick themselves from eating GMOs, to take care of their children, who have grown into adults.

Many siblings will have to step up to the plate to take care of siblings with autism. Is this fair?... NO. It's every parent's dream to be able to travel the world or just enjoy their golden years after their children grow up and leave home. This is a "rite of passage" but most of these kids with autism WILL NEVER leave home. 

New Vaccine Legislation
Dr. Wakefield is telling everyone not to vote for Hillary because she is PRO-VACCINE, which leaves Trump. I truly believe with Hillary or Trump, the world is going to be in extremely bad shape. 

However, most cities need to look at local elections from the ground up, especially elections of Congressmen or Senators. See what these legislators are doing in regards to the VAXXED movement. 

It's time to vote some people out of office and replace them with "FAMILY-FRIENDLY" legislators.  It's the job of legislators to speak for the people, especially the people who don't have a voice, and take care of people. If they are not doing that, then they don't deserve our votes.

If Donald Trump gets into office, because of the hate he puts out all over the country, there will probably be more killings of police officers, more killings of black men and black boys by the police, and even maybe the risk of a nuclear war.

This presidential election will be key to how successful the vaccination movement will go in this country, however, everyone need to wake up and get involved. 

What You Need to Know About 'The Good Guys' - CDC Whistleblowers

I am sure President Obama did some great work for this country behind the scene, however, "The Obama Administration" did in fact go after whistleblowers

And many people think, including myself, that President Obama needs to issue a pardon for NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden before he leaves office. 

As a former federal whistleblower, the same as CDC Whistleblowers  William Thompson  and Judith Zimmerman , I don't see how the will be able to come into compliance after the fraud they have committed. 

In August 2014, CDC Whistleblower William Thompson gave several documents that were headed for the shredder to Congressman Bill Posey from Florida. 

These documents proved that the CDC were falsifying documents so that children younger than 2 years old, would be more at risk for autism, especially African American males. However, nothing has been done about this situation yet. It's been 2 years.

CDC scientist and Whistleblower William Thompson is not just an employee, he was 4th in line in his department at the CDC, so this whistleblower is a 'high-ranking' manager.

Supposedly, after Thompson's whistleblowing activities, he is still working at the CDC. Supposedly, they moved him to another department, the HIV/AIDS department. 

However, this whistleblower needs protection because when they get a chance, they will come after him with both barrels blasting, for opening up this "pandora's box." 

I don't see an end to this nightmare anytime soon. This affects every woman in this country who have a baby, and every child that is born and now everyone with these mandatory vaccination laws.

Thompson's only protection is for everyone to help us spread the word on what is happening in the CDC. It's no stopping now because you can't blow the whistle HALFWAY and stop while you are still needed. 

So all we can do now is get behind William Thompson and other CDC whistleblowers, and make sure they have everything they need to continue to tell the truth, especially good legal representation, with legal groups such as the Government Accountability Project (GAP), one of the best whistleblower law firms in this country.

Since he is still working for now, we don't need to set up a Trust Fund for him at a national bank, or a or Page. 

These might be needed in the future so we need to keep an eye on his status, because usually most whistleblowers ARE NEVER allowed to stay in the workplace after blowing the whistle, so his case is extremely rare.

Judith Zimmerman, another CDC whistleblower that has joined the VAXXED movement,
stated that "The  CDC was publishing data under people's names who had not done the work and that the data contained uncorrected errors."  She also stated that "The CDC has been misrepresenting the alarming rise in autism rates since the late 1980s."

The Real Truth About the Federal Workplace
By now most of you are asking yourself -- well how can the federal government,, get away with this type of fraud? 

I ran an organization entitled "Customs Employees Against Discrimination Association (CEADA)" -- when I was in the federal workplace before my retirement in 2005. So I know FIRST-HAND what is happening to employees in all federal workplaces. 

CDC will never do the right thing - why - because it's a federal agency. Every federal agency, especially the CDC, is plagued with favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism. 
Corporate America can't even come close to the ruthlessness in the federal workplace. 

The corruption in most federal agencies is so ENTRENCHED with GENERATIONS on top of GENERATIONS, that there is no way, anyone, is going to be able to bring the CDC in compliance. 

There have been meetings, panel discussions and all types of commissions to hold federal agencies accountable, but there hasn't been any real success.  It's like beating your head up against a wall, over and over again, dealing with the federal government. 

Even if the federal government make changes, there is no real proof that these federal workers won't go back to their old ways. They have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidelines like other jobs, but they are NEVER, EVER followed.

I can just about bet you that there are tons of "whistleblowers" and "discrimination complainants" at the Most of these individuals you will never hear anything about because they are barely keeping their heads above water.

When I lived in Atlanta I met with 20 African American women who worked for the CDC. All of these women had several Discrimination/Retaliation complaints.

Some of these women even had up to 45 and 50 complaints. This is why DEPRESSION is the number one barrier that women face in the workplace, especially the federal workplace. 

I had 10 workplace complaints, including a Sexual Harassment and Whistleblower complaint with my federal agency, U.S. Customs Service, but 45 or 50??? It has to be like living in a jungle or a cave with no way out. 

Many of these federal employees, especially women, end up forced out of the job on UNPAID stress leave or is terminated. And many never recover mentally from their ordeals. 

Also don't forget that most whistleblowers are also discrimination complainants, which means they will have a hard time moving forward as a whistleblower to tell you the truth, because of the internal workplace abuses and retaliations, they are facing from their discrimination cases. 

So again, there are many whistleblowers out there, especially in the federal government and even more probably at the, that you will never hear about. 

Federal whistleblowers (and discrimination complainants) face the following:
  • They are terminated or forced out on UNPAID stress leave 
  • They end up filing bankruptcies
  • They end up divorced
  • They lose their health or life insurance
  • They lose their health and spirit
  • Many end up in jail
  • Many become homeless
  • and much worse
The below is not just federal workplace ALARMING STATISTICS but this is what is happening in all or most workplaces in America today:
  • Over 85% of workers are unhappy with their jobs.
  • Over 85% of workers are one (1) paycheck away from being homeless.
  • The goal of abusive managers is to "break the spirit" of good hard-working, honest employees.
  • Because of the weak economy -- nepotism, favoritism and cronyism have polluted MOST workplaces in America
To fight back in the workplace read my books
 "Workplace Survival Guide: How To Fight Discrimination, Whistleblowing and the Workers' Compensation System" 

and "Discrimination 101: The Complete Guide to Recognizing and Surviving Discrimination in the Workplace (Volume I) and (Volume 2)." All 3 books are ONLY AVAILABLE as e-books.

First of all, you need to understand that many of these federal employees, especially the supervisors and managers, who are suppose to keep their employees in line, while they update SOPs and guidelines, make very, very good salaries. 

So as long as they are paid very, very good salaries and are living comfortable lives, they could care less what goes on in their agencies.

Let 's look at some of these salaries in these federal jobs Let's take my old job, for instance.  All you need is to be a U.S. citizen, pass a background and drug test to be a Customs and Border Protection Officer. So you don't need a degree.

When I started working there i n two years with overtime, you could make $85,000-$90,000 a year. Since I retired in 2005, everyone has been upgraded, so now within two years, a Officer, with overtime can make close to $125,000 a year. Supervisors make $150,000-160,000 (or more), almost more than some Congressmen.

The daily activities for my male co-workers on my last job, Customs and Border Protection included - showing up for work, drinking coffee, and sexually harassing women -- and that's all they did all day or 24/7. 

These women were women who worked on the job, women who worked for airlines, seaports and warehouses and women who traveled through Customs from other countries.

So why would they, federal workers including supervisors and managers interrupt their EASY ROUTINES, to do the right thing or to actually do their jobs listed on their workplace job descriptions? 

During workplace appraisal time, because of their relationships with the supervisors and managers, because of favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism, they all receive EXCELLENT JOB RATINGS, and this is how the rating system is set up today in the ENTIRE federal government.

And when these supervisors and managers retire, these employees who received these excellent ratings because of favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism, received these new promotions. So this is how the corruption gets entrenched in the federal government. And it's been like this for years...and years...and years...

You can change the name of any federal agency, and replace it with another federal agency's name, and you will still get the SAME RESULT.  It's all about making money in the federal government. They are not going to do anymore than they have to, as long as they can continue bringing home these large salaries.

The federal government is nothing but a cesspool of fraud, waste, abuse and corruption, and not only are they not going to change overnight. They are not going to change period! 

I did not mean to rant on about the federal workplace, but the American public need to see exactly what they are up against, in regards to making changes to the vaccination program in this country. 

With all these INTERNAL workplace discrimination issues at the and the apparent fraud, waste, abuse and corruption, which takes place in ALL federal agencies, how are the CDC going to be able to run a successful vaccination program in this country? 

And we all need to wonder if any of the diseases kept at the CDC, have made their way outside the walls of the CDC, because of all their "disgruntled employees." 

There were several cases of flesh eating diseases in Georgia at one time and probably others that the media, who is owned by Corporate America, will never tell you about.

The bottomline is,  if they, the government or this country, plan on having a "SUCCESSFUL VACCINATION PROGRAM" -- it needs to be TAKEN AWAY or REMOVED from the federal government, especially from the

Action Plans for the Dallas, TX Community and Other Communities:

1. Demand that Congress subpoena Dr. William Thompson and investigate the CDC fraud.

2. Demand that Congress repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and hold manufacturers liable for injury caused by their vaccines.

3. Demand that the single Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccines be made available immediately.

4. Demand that vaccines be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.

5. Join "Texans for Vaccine Choice" at 

6. All mothers need to compare their children's vaccination records with other children's records to make sure everyone is on the same page. Do "vaccination forms" or "shot records" need to be changed or updated?

7. If you work on 2nd and 3rd shifts, volunteer to monitor legislators during the daytime and put together a REPORT CARD (A, B, C, D) on each legislator from the ground up. A's & B's can remain in office but C's and especially D's need to be BLACKLISTED and voted out of office.

7. Remember that the GMO Movement and the VAXXED Movement is ONE MOVEMENT. So learn everything you can about GMOs and gain access to GOOD FOOD by growing your own food again or join an organic food co-op. Join "Cathy Harris 90 Day Health Challenge."

8. Get everyone you know to sit down and watch the movie ( 
There is no way we should allow this type of injustice to take place -- not today with all this technology and especially social media. Families need to keep using social media to wake up and figure out an action plan for their entire family. 

With the holidays right around the corner, family members need to use Thanksgiving and Christmas, to really educate each other. 

Make sure everyone in your family have a roof over their heads; make sure everyone know about GMO foods; and make sure everyone know about the VAXXED (vaccination) movement - so this would be a good time to sit down with all your family members and watch the  VAXXED movie or just order the movie for yourself. 

This is a very, very dark time in this country, so we all need to do a better job of sharing information, especially with the people we live with and the people we love. 

Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Self-Publishing and Business Coach. She is also the author of 23 non-fiction books, including 4 health books and 2 business books. She provides webinars, seminars and workshops through her speaking and training platforms at  and can be reach through her empowerment company, Angels Press, CEO, President, Publisher, P.O. Box 800511, Dallas, TX 75380, Phone: (512) 909-7365, Website:  , Email: 

Dr. Andrew Wakefield Speaks at the
VAXXED Movie Screening and Discussion, 
Sep. 18, 2016, Dallas, TX
(You need a twitter account to watch Dr. Andrew Wakefield in Texas on Periscope who came with an 
ACTION PLAN for Texans. Bring the VAXXED Team and the Nation of Islam to your city so they can help you come up with an ACTION PLAN)

Bombshell: Top CDC Whistle Blower: We Were Ordered to Cover Up Vaccine-Autism Link

Uncensored: MMR fraud exposed by people behind Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Cathy Harris on Periscope - CDC Autism Vaccine Tragedy
Cathy Harris on Periscope - 
CDC Autism 
Vaccine Tragedy

VAXXED Movie Screening and Discussion
Sep. 18, 2016, Dallas, TX
 (This is the full movie from the Dallas VAXXED movie screening, however, buy the DVD and send donations to support the VAXXED Tour and to the Nation of Islam)

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