With nearly 50 parks and enough green space to cover more than a quarter of Manhattan island, Harris County Precinct 4 has no shortage of opportunities to learn, explore, and build memories.
Since opening its first park, Precinct 4 has become known for creating unique recreational spaces along Spring and Cypress creeks. To keep up with the region’s growing needs, as well as its ever-changing and sometimes hostile environment, Precinct 4 continues to upgrade and expand its park system so visitors will always have a place to enjoy the outdoors. Read More
Mercer’s Major Changes
Filled with themed gardens and one-of-a-kind plants and flowers, Mercer Botanic Gardens is one of Harris County’s most popular outdoor spaces. Its annual plant sales never fail to draw a crowd, and its changing color gardens make Mercer an excellent attraction year-round.
Connecting to Kickerillo
Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve is a gem hidden in plain sight, nestled in bustling Vintage Park, near the intersection of Highway 249 and Chasewood Park Drive.
Due to precautions related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many programs and activities are being curtailed, postponed, or canceled. Please check with the appropriate venues before making plans.
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