Coming Soon - Updated SportsWareOnLine Reporting Functionality and User Interface

 Standard Report Screen
 Trending Report

Did you know that there are over 130 standard reports in SportsWareOnLine?

Our new report screens have been redesigned with a more intuitive layout making it even easier for you to access the critical data you need. This update has been applied to the standard, custom, and Excel export pages. (Click image for a sneak peek.)

Additionally, we’ve added trending graphs to the SAC, SCAT, VOMS, and Pocket SCAT reports. These allow you to quickly visualize an athlete’s baseline, previous, and current results making trends easier to spot. A sample report can be viewed here.

If you have any questions on the reporting enhancements or SportsWare in general, send us an email or call 800.359.6851 and we’ll be happy to help. These changes will go into effect the end of May

Our CEO Rich Potash will be giving a presentation on SportsWare reporting in June at the 26th Annual Practical Applications in Sports Medicine Educational Conference. We’ll be sure to make the presentation available after the event.

   "...I run multiple reports to look at injury trends and contributing factors, as well as what we have been doing for treatment. I use the program as if I would be billing for services so I utilize the CPT codes. Having that ability is very effective when it comes to showing the Ballet cost savings. Last year it was around $600,000 in physical therapy billing for a 40-week season. It's helpful to be able to press a few buttons and come up with useful reports."   Heather Southwick, Dir. of Physical Therapy - Boston Ballet