Recognizing both the pressing need for the work of racial healing and CTTT-RVA’s growing effectiveness and expanding potential, an anonymous donor has offered up to $250,000 as a one-to-one match for our donors’ gifts. Help us to meet this challenge with a contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $100,
$25 . All donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Thank you for helping us meet  this challenge  and for being a partner in making a difference in Richmond and beyond.
A t any CTTT-RVA gathering, you can expect great food, awesome folks and a robust serving of personal stories. To ensure that we all leave nourished and acknowledged, we ask that you take a look at our  Touchstones .  These serve as a guide to progressive and constructive conversation. The Touchstones, combined with  Circle Process and the guidance of trained facilitators support the creation of brave and safe space for authentic confidential sharing where intentional listening and vulnerability are valued. When we listen deeply or when we are heard, we feel valued. YOUR STORY, shared in small bites, is like a tasty meal we never want to forget! Thank you for your cooperation and see you at the table! - Danita Rountree Green
Race was intentionally constructed. Come join us and together let's deconstruct it even more intentionally!
We are happy to share this report with you….We call it the “founding” report since it covers Coming To The Table - RVA from our beginning. We offer as a measurement of success our organization’s exponential growth in reach, in depth, and in involvement with the Richmond community. And we offer testimonies of participants as to our impact on their lives. Read More
Make a contribution toward matching our $250,000 challenge. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar. The money will be used for deepening our impact and broadening the reach of CTTT-RVA as we work to take our city, our state our country beyond the wounds of the legacy of enslavement and Jim Crow. Your matching donation will make a difference .
Acts Of Faith Theatre Festival
3 Penny Theatre
Performances at The Gayton Kirk Presbyterian Church,11421 Gayton Road, Henrico, Virginia 23238, Court Days , set in antebellum Virginia, tells the tale of a slave killing an overseer. But it’s not what you expect – the slave’s master turns Prince Henry county upside down by defending the slave instead of the overseer. This play looks at people’s faith in the status quo and having faith that you’re doing the right thing. Based on an actual Virginia court case from 1825 featured in the award winning history Israel on the Appomattox by William and Mary professor Melvin Patrick Ely. More Information
Volunteering with our CTTT-RVA is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and connect with others. The work you contribute is always valued as we pursue our mission of a just and truthful society that acknowledges and seeks to heal from the racial wounds of the past.
Featured Video And Articles
Check out the featured video and articles below to help further the conversation on racism and its impact.
Highways Through Hell
Viewers of the Oscar-winning film “ Green Book ” might assume they have a sense of what it was like to travel as an African-American in this country during the many decades that Jim Crow laws and racist practices flourished. - READ MORE
I don't have a feeling of inferiority. Never had. I'm as good as anybody, but no better.

- Katherine Johnson