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Dear Friends of Living Hope, 

In my previous note to you I addressed the issue of looking up. In it I highlighted a couple instances in Scripture in which the people's only response was to look up. Our dependency has to come first and foremost from The Lord, His plan and purpose. It is when we are committed to "looking up" rather than what we can do on our own, that we demonstrate our dependency upon The Lord.


As we practice looking up, we begin to better see the heart of God, specifically that of redemption. Redemption for you and me was God's gift to us, whereby we may be rightly reconciled to our Creator, Savior and Lord. Although none of us deserve such a gift, it has been freely given. Please don't get me wrong. The gift, although free to you and me, came at the highest price any could pay, the cost of a life, an innocent life, the Life of God's only Son, Jesus Christ.


On the cross, Christ was left alone for a time, His own Father turning His face, abandoning Him. What a lonely time that must have been for Jesus and His Father. Yet it was necessary for Christ to pay the penalty of my and your sin. In so doing, it meant being separated from His Father, for a time.


Following that horrific weekend, something beautiful came about. It began when the relationship between God the Father and God the Son was fully reconciled. They had come together, their relationship wholly restored. This was the most significant coming together in all of history. Had this never happened there would be no hope of anyone-you or I-coming together into a rightly reconciled relationship with The Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


It didn't stop here. Jesus spoke of a power that would clothe the disciples, but once again it required a separation prior to its occurrence. This time Christ was going to leave those He had lived with for years. In leaving the disciples, He did not abandon them. He gave clear instructions to wait for this power, who we know is the Holy Spirit; then they were to begin their journey together, they and the Holy Spirit. There was another coming together that resulted from Christ's departure, that of the believers coming together to be of service to one another.


From Acts to Revelation we read of The Body or Bride of Christ and the unity it is to demonstrate, for the purpose of being a people interdependent upon one another. God knew the pain full well of no longer being in relationship with His Son, and Jesus, too, knew this same pain and loneliness. They also know the inexpressible joy of being reunited as one.


One way in which the strength of The Church is demonstrated is when we learn to come together, not for any one person's personal agenda, but rather to rally together for the promotion and advancement of the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ.


It is the advancement of The Gospel for which we are seeking your participation. You, me, our Board, and any who know of the work God is doing through Living Hope, realize the opportunity presented to us will only come to fulfillment as God touches the hearts of people and they respond as He directs.


My invitation to you is simple. Will you come together with us in our desire to significantly expand our current outreach to our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


The need is near and we can't do this alone. We need many people like you who will unite with us, and more important, with God's desire of seeing His gift of redemption brought to a community in need.


There are 20,000 souls within one mile of us, the majority of whom know very little of God's gift of redemption and His desire for their reconciliation. We are dealing with eternity in the hearts of these people.


Before we will move forward, we have to have the resources in place to first retire our current debt of $105,000. And we have to have this complete by Tuesday April 30, 2013. That is less than three weeks from today.


Currently there have been some very generous people who have already in a short amount of time contributed over $10,000 toward this goal. This is God's opportunity and we fully believe He will do His part. Will you?

Blessings to you,



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P.S. We have been given full access to the potential building and I am more than willing to have you walk through it again. Or if you have not yet walked through it I welcome the opportunity to share the vision of outreach with you. Bring as many friends with you as well.

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Please continue praying for this situation daily through the month of April?
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