June 13,2019
Happening this Summer
We'd love for you to join us for our Anniversary Celebration and Picnic.
If you are joining us for the Picnic
  • Sign up here so we can accurately plan
  • we are asking families to bring a dessert (enough for your family + 6) and singles/couples to bring a bag of chips or pretzels.
The young men's Bible study will be canceled this coming week, due to the Theater Camp. it will resume on Tuesday, August 14.
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Sign up for the Theater Camp here!

The Arts Program of NNY is a ministry of Christian Fellowship Centers to the communities we serve in NNY. The Arts Program exists to provide educational and experiential opportunities in the arts for young and old, beginner and seasoned alike through dance, acting, music, visual arts, and theater.
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At a glance
August 5-10:  Arts Program Summer Camp
August 17:  Anniversary Celebration and Church Picnic
August 28: College Worship Night
August 30-September 1: Campfire Youth Retreat
August 7: First Saturday
September 29 - November 10: Fall Sermon Series