Report Absence / Request Homework by 9:30 am    545-0379 - select #1 
School day begins at 8:10 AM
Kindergarten dismissal: 2:30 PM
1st - 8th dismissal: 2:50 PM
Minimum School Days: 12:30 Dismissal ALL
School Office Hours:  7:30 AM - 3:30 PM (1 PM on minimum days)

Please be on time picking up your students. 
$ Dollar Free Dress - Tomorrow - Thursday
Students who choose to participate and who bring a minimum of $1 may wear Free Dress (per school dress code).
Parents - please note that not all students participate in Free Dress. 
If a student comes to school in uniform, we will not call home to ask for free dress clothing.
Proceeds to benefit Catholic Charities.
Please see important information regarding Crab Feed below
DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MONDAY - JAN. 14th for mid February delivery.
Orders must be turned into office by 10am on Monday.
This will be the LAST ordering opportunity for this school year.
The next ordering opportunity will begin in May / June for August delivery, 
before the new school year begins.

Reminder: Jumper, Skirt and short length for girls K-8th is knee length. 
Meaning:  The bottom of the fabric hits at the top of the knee cap. 
This includes PE shorts, uniform skirts, jumpers, uniform skort & walking shorts.  
For boys, walking short length is also at the top of the knee - no shorter and may not fall below the knee. Including PE Shorts.

See school handbook (below) for Uniform Dress Code
Applications NOW BEING ACCEPTED for Kindergarten - 8th grades for 2019-20.
(New families only)  
Applications submitted by February 1st will be considered for priority acceptance.  
Current families who refer a new family, who is accepted and enrolled, can be eligible for a $250 tuition credit!

Current Families will receive registration information soon. Any families who will not be returning to St.Rose in the fall must notify the school office in writing by March 25th.  

SMART Tuition reminder: All returning families will automatically be charged the non-refundable registration fees in April in lieu of regular tuition payments.

  • All 1st - 8th  families have received a laminated name placard to be used at dismissal. PLEASE be sure and USE your name placard when picking up after school. Placard should be placed in the right front window of your vehicle so our staff can easily & quickly identify & match up students with cars. 
  • If you have misplaced your placard - please contact Ms. Carol at and she will  make you another.  Please keep it to use year after year. 
PULL ALL THE WAY UP THROUGH THE CIRCLE: As vehicles move through the circle, please pull all the way up to the top to help up keep traffic flow moving.  If your child is in tutorial, please pull to the side and park until 3:15 so the rest of traffic can keep flowing.
Mid-trimester Friday.   Progress Reports go home next Wednesday
A Note from Mrs. Ryan    
Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! Thank you to all our room parents who provided such delightful Epiphany parties for our students. We truly appreciate all you do to provide these fun activities that help to promote our Catholic identity.
I am happily anticipating two upcoming events. Our fourth annual St. Rose Crab Feed is taking place on February 9 th. During our Parent Association meeting last night Lisa Piehl, our chair person, reported that there are only seventy-four tickets left. So if you have not yet purchased your tickets, now is the time. The food will be delicious and there are some very exciting live and silent auction packages that will be offered. St. Rose has only two major fund raising events each year. As part of your contract with the school, you agree to support both of them. We realize that not every family is able to actually attend the Crab Feed. So the alternate way of supporting this vital fundraiser is through the Crab Feed Raffle. Next week tickets will be sent home in your Wednesday envelope. Although we hope every family will sell a book of tickets, it is imperative that your family participate if you are not able to contribute to the Crab Feed through other means. There will be some fun prizes offered to students who sell the most tickets and for classes who have 100% participation.
Our accreditation visit is scheduled for the last week in March. The faculty and I are currently busy with putting the final touches on our very extensive self-study and will begin soon to prepare the students for this important visit. Thank you to everyone who filled out the Parent Survey Addendum in December. You input is important and serves as valuable evidence in our self-study.
Have a nice week!

Kathy Ryan
St. Rose School
ST. ROSE 4th Annual Crab Feed
Saturday, February 9th, 2019
St. Rose Gym  5-10 PM

A limited number of tickets are still available - going fast!
NO tickets sales at the door.


NO TICKETS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED PRIOR.  This is an ADULT only event. Please do not bring children. Only select students will be working the event.

WINE DONATION DROP OFF: If you have any bottles of wine that you would be willing to donate for the Crab Feed, CURB SIDE DROP OFF will happen the mornings of Jan. 29th & Feb. 5th. (Thank you Wine Chair, Denise Trione-Hicks!)

All school parents are expected to participate in this annual fundraising event in some way. Either by purchasing tickets to attend, sign up for set up or clean up, donations, etc.   Your support is necessary to make this school fundraiser a success.

Donate items for live and silent auction! 
Contact Crab Feed Chair: Lisa Piehl:  for more information

Student Raffle Tickets will be going home in NEXT Wednesday envelope.
6 7
S chool Resumes

7PM PA mtng


$1 Free Dress
Mid Trimester
13 14

1st Communion Parent Mtng
15 16

Progress Reports go Home

17 18
8th Gr Day with the Bishop

Jr. High Dance
20 21
22 23 24 25
Catholic Schools Week

28 29 30 31
7-8 PM

See Google calendar for more detailed information: hot lunch menu, etc. 
(You'll need to log into Google to view the ON-LINE calendar)
Epicurean Hot Lunch Program

Look for fresh menu additions in coming months and in January, a parent survey will go out through the weekly newsletter.

Effective immediately however, you can now order your child's lunches every week by THURSDAY cut off for the next week. No more need to order weeks in advance!

If you haven't yet tried the new lunch program, remember, an email was sent to all parents with your child's assigned Student ID number for ordering. If you've misplaced that email, give Ms. KC a call, to retrieve the information. Ordering is so easy at: 
Parking Lot Safety
Safety First depends on your cooperation!
Please remember, and tell all those in your family who drive onto our campus, to please drive safely!

Some important safety reminders:
  1. Be patient. Drive slow. Be kind. Do not impede traffic flow or others.
  2. If your child goes to tutorial, do not get in the pick up line before 3:10 pm. Do not sit in the traffic circle waiting. Circle around back in line to keep traffic flow moving.
  3. DO NOT leave your car unattended in the traffic circle during drop off or pick up. Stay in your car and move as soon as your child gets in or out. If you have office business, please park in a designated parking spot.
  4. Morning drop off: everyone is in a hurry it seems to get to where they need to go. Please do not speed through campus. Do not pass unlawfully or unsafely. Be patient. Plan accordingly.
  5. If a staff member asks you to move your car or to park, they are doing what is in the best interests of everyone and to keep traffic moving. Please be respectful and do what they ask of you.
We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your partnership in keeping everyone safe out there!
Important Health reminders for All
Cold & Flu Season is HERE!
Have y'all gotten your flu shots?
  • Child must be Fever Free for 24 hours without medication before coming to school!
  • Keep children home if they have excessive coughing, or thick or constant nasal discharge.
  • Keep children home if they aren't feeling well. A child who isn't feeling well, does not function well in the classroom, and likely will be sent home.
  • Please reinforce with your children to cover their mouth when coughing, and to wash hands frequently.
Any medications your child needs to take during the school day, including cough drops, must be brought to the school office by the parent, and an Authorization to Administer form completed. 

By law, we are not allowed to administer medication of any kind without written parental consent.

  • Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis is contagious   Notify the school office if your child is diagnosed. 24 hour antibiotic treatment is required before returning to school.  
  • Head Lice is contagious.                    Notify the school office if your child has contracted. Child may return to school 24 hours after receiving treatment.
  • Strep Throat is contagious
    Notify the school office if your child has been diagnosed. Must be treated with antibiotics for 24 hrs, and feeling better before coming back to school.
  •   See the School Handbook  here for more information on school policy regarding school health. 
THANK YOU for reading our newsletter!!
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