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School day begins at 8:10 AM
Kindergarten dismissal: 2:30 PM
1st - 8th dismissal: 2:50 PM
Minimum School Days: 12:30 Dismissal ALL
School Office Hours:  7:30 AM - 3:30 PM (1 PM on minimum days)

Please be on time picking up your students. 
WEDNESDAY, MAY 8th, 2019
Each family will receive today their IMPORTANT FORMS packet.
These forms are REQUIRED to complete your registration for next year.


(New families have already received and completed their packets with registration)
Only 19 days left! Can you believe it!  (15 for 8th graders!)

There is a lot of important information for parents today, and through the remainder of May. Be sure and check the Google calendar below to stay informed of all St. Rose events & activities through the end of the year.  

We appreciate all those who read the newsletter each week and follow the deadlines and due dates for all things St. Rose. 
Thank You St. Rose Parents for all you do!
What if you could purchase the exact school supplies your teacher is requesting for your child's class, with the click of the mouse?

AND have it delivered to school, waiting for your child on the first day of school?  Sound interesting?   

Attached to your child's weekly work packet THIS WEEK is a copy of next years student supply list along with information on the 1st Day School Supplies program....OR you can click HERE now to read all about it!

2019-20 Classroom supply lists are also listed below.  
Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
Please consider purchasing your classroom supplies from
1st Day School Supplies - click HERE 
Orders must be placed by June 30th
See below in Athletics.  DUE May 17th.
St. Rose Uniform Try-On Date 
TUESDAY, JUNE 4TH:  7am-8am & 2:45pm - 3:45pm
(only to try on and determine sizing. Parents place orders online - at home! Remember - uniform purchases may not be returned or exchanged)
Parent & child may drop in either before or after school to try on sample sizes of jumpers, skirts, sweatshirts, PE uniform, polo shirts, etc. 

Parents may also call the office to schedule an appointment to try on sample sizes. 

See below for more uniform information.
St. Rose Uniform Store 
Parents will now be able to conveniently place orders for uniforms through the online store, made possible by our local uniform supplier,  Sonoma Design & Apparel. 

The St. Rose Uniform Store will only be open for
PRESET ordering  times during the school year. 
There will be 6 annual ordering opportunities. 
The store is now open to place orders:
May 1st - June 30th   (for August 5th delivery / pickup) 
All orders placed during this time will be available for pick-up in the Sonoma Design showroom on the dates specified for pick-up. ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN UNIFORM THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Do not wait until the August window to place your first order. 

St. Rose will keep a stock of sample sizes for trying on if you need to determine your sizing before ordering. 
( Sonoma Design will NOT have or keep items for trying on OR for drop in purchasing. 
ALL orders must be placed ONLINE and will be available for pick-up in the Sonoma Design showroom on the dates specified for pick-up.)

Do you have any GIRLS jumpers or skirts that are in EXCELLENT condition that you no longer can use?  Please consider donating them to the school office ASAP.
During the LAST 2 weeks of MAY, we will pull a table out front with donated jumpers, skirts and other gently used items from the lost and found. Items are free, first come, first served. 
(We are NOT accepting donations of other items. ONLY K-3rd jumpers, 4th-8th skirts & 
K-8th skorts that are in excellent condition.) 
A Note from Mrs. Ryan    
Dear Parents,

St. Rose has always enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Cardinal Newman High School that is mutually beneficial. This time of year is particularly gratifying as the high school seniors complete their in-depth service learning projects. Every year a number of CN students choose to do their service projects with or for our students. This year there was a young man who helped Mrs. Szczech in the classroom all year long. He served as a mentor to two second grade children who needed extra learning support. There was another project that involved creating libraries in Laos with donated books from St. Rose and other students in Sonoma County. On Friday the two girls who created this project will provide a short presentation to our students so they can see the good that was accomplished. Another of our alumni did his project with the Shaw Center, which is a respite center run by Catholic Charities for people suffering from Alzheimer's and other dementia's. As part of his project, he arranged for our First Graders to sing for the Shaw Center clients.
Perhaps one of the most influential projects this year has been completed by St. Rose alum, Kabir Daniel. He has been working with Mrs. Bertero and the Eighth Grade class all year on creativity. The Class of 2019 is a particularly creative group and were very receptive to Kabir's units on photography, authorized graffiti art, ukulele, and other forms of music. Inspired by Kabir's presentations, the 8 th graders are currently working on their own creative projects as they complete their time at St. Rose. They include projects on architecture, music composition, and various visual art forms. If you have been on our playground lately, you have seen the beautiful mural projects taking shape on our ball walls that will be a lasting legacy from our Class of 2019.
We are very proud of the accomplishments made by St. Rose alums in high school and beyond.  Kabir will be greatly missed as he continues his education at Cal Berkeley this Fall. Another St. Rose alum, Lucas Loughner, has been chosen as the valedictorian of CN's class of 2019. This is the second year in a row that the CN valedictorian has been a St. Rose graduate.

Kathy Ryan
St. Rose School
2019-20 School Year
To view the 2019-20 TENTATIVE Calendar UPDATED 4/17/19 - CLICK HERE
The St. Rose calendar for the entire year is posted on our Google Calendar.
From now on, please click on the calendar link below to view.
Have you linked the Google Calendar to your phone? 
This is the easiest way to always have up to date information! 
You can also view the calendar from our website at: 
(You'll need to log into Google to view the ON-LINE calendar)
Girls - incoming 4th - 8th Grades
Registration for 2019-20 teams begins NOW!

DUE no later than:  FRIDAY MAY 17th.

(There is no boys VB at this time)
                                   CLICK HERE for REG form and INFO
Is your child interested in being part of the After-School Player's Production of Madagascar Jr next April?

Director Gloria Verse would like you to PLEASE complete the attached 'I'M INTERESTED' sheet and return to the school office.

There are roles for actors in 1st - 8th grades!

Parents who order hot lunch weekly, must be sure and place the order by Wednesday PM for the following week. If you miss ordering in time, please contact the school office by 9am to request we add your child to the lunch list for the same day. We will honor the request and expect that you send in the $6.50 to the office the next day. Many students have been coming to school without lunches, whose parents have forgotten to place orders in time, which creates added distraction and time for the teachers and office to manually add, inform Epicurean of the extra lunches, and to collect money from parents.  Beginning next year, lunch orders must be placed monthly, the weekly option will not be available.  We will no longer be able to manually add students to the hot lunch list after 9am or without parent approval.

Eating healthy during the day is important for students to remain on task and to focus on their school work throughout the day. Please do not send candy, sugary snacks, soda, high sugar drinks or Kombucha to school.  A healthy mid morning snack and a well balanced lunch, with some lean protein, a few carbs, fruit or vegy, and water really is best.  
THANK YOU for reading our newsletter!!
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