Second Sunday after Christmas
January 5, 2020
Advent and Christmas Season Schedule
Second Sunday after Christmas – January 5, 2020
8:30 am Holy Eucharist
9:30 am Holy Eucharist
11:00 am Holy Eucharist

Worship this Sunday
Sunday Morning
8:30 am Holy Eucharist
9:30 am Eucharist
11:00 am Holy Eucharist
Church School: January 5th
Coming Up the Rest of the Week
1/8 Wed
1/8 Wed
10 a.m.
11 a.m.
Holy Eucharist
Study Group
Welcome Visitors
 If you are new to St. Andrew's, please fill out the welcome card in the pew racks and place into the offering plate or return to Rev. Shariya at the end of the service.
Happening Around the Church . . .
Coming up
We will be postponing our 12th Night Potluck Celebration, which was scheduled to take place on January 10th and 11th. New information will be forthcoming.
Seen around the church
On our prayer list . . .
Joel, Sarah, Sydney, Bailey, Bob, Margaret, Judy, Corey, Paul, Kim, Janet, Florence, Heidi, Rick, Daniel and AJ, Madeline, Lloyd, Stephen, Joe, Orion, Paul, Greg, Johnnie, Karen, Suzanne, William, Sarah, Candace, Rosemary, Andrew, Marvin, Mike, Don and Nancy, Chuck, Dick, Emma, Jay, Susan, Catie, Carol, Ella, Carol, Deborah, Helen, Claudia, Libby, Robin, Charlie, Linda, Sandra, Becky, Lillian, Joe, Heather, Elise, John and Annette, Lucy, Mary Jaye, Linda and Art S-C, Barbara, Rosa, Brinley, Ann S., Marcia, George, Eileen, Jackie Jane, Richard, Bruce, Steve, Joanne and Charles, Jeanette, Pat, Susan, Martha, Don, Lisa , Bob, Jon, Dave, Helen K., Mary, Leah, Marissa, Isabella, Laura, Tom, Joyce, Len, Laila, Rosemary.
Emma Rodgers
Mike Casey                 
Joe Barber and his family
Ron Gagnon
Emine Gjemnica
Jeff Colburn
Barbara Garneau
Spencer Grimes
Celia Richards
Amy Lawrie
Peter Dodington
Business matters . . .

STOP and SHOP CARDS. The purchase of Stop & Shop cards provides an additional opportunity, over and above our pledging, to help support St. Andrew's while you buy your groceries. 5% of all card purchases go directly to St. Andrew's when paid for with cash or a personal check. Buy Stop & Shop cards after each service or during the week in the church office. We do accept Visa, Master Card and Discover but then we only net about 2 1/2% for St. Andrew's.