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Updated DTS Guidelines coming
The Driver Training School (DTS) unit updated the DTS Guidelines to clarify items and make it easier to study and follow. Sections were edited and, in some cases, deleted based on new laws and to explain requirements based on statute. Schools across the state provided input to produce this new document. It reflects the needs of current and prospective DTS Instructors and DTS Owners.
We anticipate the updated guidelines will be ready before summer to coincide with the release of the updated Class D Instructor Exam (see below).
Please look for an email from the DTS Coordinator regarding the release date of the updated guidelines.
Updated Class D Instructor Exam 
In addition to updating the DTS Guidelines, we are happy to announce that the Class D Instructor Exam is updated as well. The new exam will be available at DMV Customer Service Centers along with the new DTS Guidelines before summer.
Updates to the Instructor Exam focus on instructor requirements, job responsibilities and roles. 
Many of you contacted our office directly to offer suggestions on updating the test. We appreciate your suggestions, comments and partnership. Your insights helped us craft the content to produce guidelines and an exam that will benefit the students and your companies.
We hope that this version of the test better reflects the roles and responsibilities of potential instructor candidates and will more accurately test their instructor knowledge after they have studied the updated DTS Guidelines.
Please look for an email from the DTS Coordinator regarding the release date of the updated Class D Instructor Exam.

Virtual Classroom Options
Due to COVID-19 and the Safer at Home order in place in Wisconsin, the Driver Training School unit developed procedures for schools that may want to offer Virtual Classroom learning (classroom only) to new or current students during this public health emergency. 
What is a Virtual Classroom and how do I get approved?
  • A virtual classroom is an online teaching and learning environment where teachers and students can present course materials, engage and interact with one another, and work in groups together. The key distinction of a virtual classroom is that it takes place in a live, synchronous setting.
  • The Driver Training School unit will send you information regarding the requirements once your email is received.
  • Virtual Classroom training cannot begin until you receive approval from the Driver Training School Unit.
Recent violations noted
How is DEC going?
Here's a quick  link for an overview and explanation of the new processes and capabilities added to WisDOT's Driver Education Completion (DEC) system. Please share this link with anyone on your team who accesses the system. 

If you have problems with DEC and need assistance, email the c ompany and/or instructor name, as well as the c ontact information  to:

Please provide a screen shot of the problem and/or errors you are receiving.

The enhanced  DEC system debuted in  October 2019.  Updated functions and capabilities include: 
  • Creating a full student account 
  • Adding contact information
  • Confirming (Behind the Wheel) BTW start dates 
  • Adding fees
  • Adding classes and courses
It also helps your business: 
  • Monitor and track student course progress
  • Record exam results 
  • Find students permit numbers 
  • Maintain a digital record of your students
In this issue
Responses to this ongoing health emergency continue to rapidly change the way we live and conduct business. WisDOT provides information about department responses. Watch for important, timely updates emailed from Driver Training School Unit.  
New DTS Coordinator
As many of you are now aware, Declan Every has been hired as the new DTS Coordinator. Declan comes from the Vehicle section of the DOT and is looking forward to continuing to learn more about Driver Training Schools while building new relationships and partnerships within the DTS program.
For all DTS inquiries, please contact the Driver Training School Unit:

608-264-7495 - Phone
608-223-7705 - Fax
DMVs are open for essential services by appointment only. Nearly all vehicle-related services can be done online: wisconsindmv.gov
REAL ID now October 2021
Due to the COVID-19 health emergency, the deadline for having a REAL ID designation on your driver license or ID in order to fly is extended one year to October 1, 2021. Learn more in WisDOT's updated podcast on REAL ID.  
Tools for students
Time to study handbooks
At this point in the Safer at Home order, students may be ready to review driving information. The Motorist's Handbook is available online.  
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