Give the gift of a joy-filled visit, tips to creating life-giving visits with your loved one. 

Planning A Visit With Your Loved One Soon?
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July means warm summer days and high-flying flags, and hopefully  visits with your loved one! This month's newsletter provides helpful tips for visiting a loved one with Alzheimer's or related dementia and how to communicate with them in the most loving and effective ways. In this newsletter, you will learn:
  • How to visit a loved one in memory care
  • Helpful tips to communicate with someone with Alzheimer's 
  • 10 Amazing All American Facts- Yes, they're all true!  
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Happy Independence Day! and Other July Events

July is always a fun-filled month at our community. Residents are participating in summer activities, enjoying the beautiful weather, and celebrating our nation's birthday! Check out the July calendar for more information about what's happening day by day. 

Visiting a Loved One in Memory Care? Remember This...

Visiting a loved one with memory care may come with feelings of anxiety or fear. Questions like "What if they don't remember me?" or "What will we talk about?" may be coming to mind. With thoughtful preparation, a visit with your loved one can be an uplifting and joyous experience.

Before you visit, think about topics that you and your loved one can talk about. Experiences from their distant past are good subjects to discuss. Consider bringing a conversational piece to your visit, such as an iPad/photo album with pictures of family, their favorite treat or artwork from a child.

The greeting. Although social convention suggests asking questions when you first greet someone, it may be challenging for someone with dementia to remember key facts. A harmless question like, "What have you been up to?," may be met with silence. Instead, start your conversation with a statement: "It's so nice to see you" or "You are looking well." Then follow up with a compliment, such as, "That blue shirt really brings out the color in your eyes."

Prepare for quiet times, and do not rush the conversation. Your loved one may take longer to process what you are saying. Give them time and try not to overwhelm them with loads of information or questions about what they have been doing.

Patience is key and graciousness is appreciated. Speak simply and softly to them and always try to make eye contact. If you feel there is nothing to say, hold their hand or offer them a shoulder rub. Physical touch can express so much when words are seemingly absent. Click the link below for more tips:

25 Tips for Visiting a Person with Alzheimer's

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Ways to Communicate With A Loved One with Memory Loss

Communicating with a loved one with Alzheimer's or related dementia may become challenging as the disease progresses; especially if a loved one develops aphasia. Approaching your loved one with compassion and gentleness is a good start in beginning a conversation. Try these tips:
  • Be at the same height as your loved one when communicating with them. Crouch down if they are seated or join them.
  • Make eye contact and smile; it's contagious.
  • Speak slowly to help engage them in what you are saying.
  • If allowed, hold their hand when you talk to them. Comforting gestures can put them at ease if they are unsure about whom you are.
  • Use short sentences and give them time to consider what you have said. Lots of questions or different topics at once can be overwhelming.
For clarity, say your name when you greet them. Remember that the tone of your voice can direct their emotions and reactions as well.

Most importantly, always treat them with dignity and respect. They are older adults and should not be called "Honey," "Sweetie," or "Pops." Find out what they prefer to be called and use that name when conversing with them.

10 Amazing All-American Facts  
  • The current American flag design was created by a 17-year old as a school project, he got a B-. 
  • The US Government is still paying the pension of one civil war veteran. 
  • The state of Montana has 3x the amount of cows as it does people
  • The word Pennsylvania is misspelled on the Liberty Bell 
  • Kansas produces enough wheat each year to feed everyone in the world for 2 weeks
  • Florida is the only place where crocodiles and alligators coexist
  • The Venus Fly Trap is only native in North and South Carolina, nowhere else in the world
  • The state with the most millionaires per capita is Maryland
  • Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined. 
  • There is an island off the coast of South Carolina where only monkeys live.

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