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261 Newbury Street


open 7 days a week
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& starting at 5pm for dinner   
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                             'In September, light rain is good for the vine" - Old wine grower saying 

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Chers amis,   

Summer was beautiful on Newbury Street and throughout New England. But we love this time of the year (Harvest season) and in Boston, it means welcoming back the students and our regulars (yes that's you!) who might have been away enjoying the beauties of the region during the long weekends!

As members of the little French & francophiles community, we are also very happy to welcome from Paris a new Consul of France in Boston, Monsieur Valery Freland and we wish all our best to Monsieur Fabien Fieschi and his family in his new post in Japan after three fruitful years with us.

As some of you already know, it was a busy Summer for us as we are about to open our second restaurant, La Voile Brookline, on 1627 Beacon Street to be precise, early November!   

Just like in Boston, you can expect real French food made by a French chef and pastry chef, served in a authentique brasserie and by French speaking serveurs. The menu will be reminiscent to the Newbury Street location's but will have its own flare and plats du jour.

Please know that we took our time for this important decision, making sure we were ready. After eight years on Newbury and with a solid and faithful staff, we are totally confident it will be a great addition to the Washington Square neighborhood. 

Actually for this new La Voile Part deux, we are very lucky to bring to Boston directly from France Chef François Grayon. You can discover François's profile below and we are very excited. This new very talented chef has been with us for more than 2 months already getting familiar with the new England products, the local producers (and working a bit on his English too ;-)   
Coming Soon - Stay Tuned!  
Please find more information about our new chef below and Félicitations also to Michelle Coyle, this month's winner of the free dinner for two!  
Hope to see you soon!  

                             Bon Appétit &  
                                    A bientôt à La Voile!  
 Meet François Grayon,
Our new La Voile Brookline Chef!
Native of Perche (in Normandy), a region renowned for the quality and diversity of its local products, François grew up in a small village and in a family of discerning gourmets who transmitted him their love of simple taste and nature.

Between a father breeder who grew vegetables in the garden, a mother who made her own cream, cheese and butter and a grandmother who cooked generous dishes for banquets ... That's only natural that François found his vocation very young.

By age 16, he took the opportunity to perfect his skills at various Michelin stars institutions: First at l'Hotel du Dauphin in Normandy, then at La Cantine des Gourmets, a famous and authentique Bistrot in Paris before moving to le Grand Véfour, the internationally renowned restaurant of the Palais Royal.

But with an insatiable curiosity, permeable to different cultures and aware of the diversity and richness of the world, he soon realizes that his vision of gastronomy should not be limited to the four corners of the same kitchen or the dogmas of his elders. Therefore, he went on to discover the extent of our culinary heritage by multiplying the experiments. 

It was at the side of more anonymous but talented chefs that he learned the recipes for numerous French and foreign specialties. He also took advantage of his youth to explore the regions of France, initiating internships in diverse and reputable establishments, and visiting numerous wine cellars. From great vintages to more modest options, he progressively acquired a good knowledge of French wines. Over the course of the years, he fed himself a motley of varied influences and tendencies, a path which allowed him to constantly re-vitalize and develop new ideas and deepen his technique.

Now, he is ready to share his passion and knowledge to all the foodies and francophiles of New England !
 French Culture in Boston 
A Surprise Gift to all Bostonians by French artist JR
Public art on the John Hancock Building
Now on display
Can be seen from Back Bay, Kenmore, South End...

Late last week, something strange happened to this city's tallest building. High in the air, on one side of the glimmering monolith known to most at the former John Hancock building, materialized a softly rendered figure...  More about this secretive public art project here in this NYT article
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