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A Personal Note from Susan

I'm so excited to be coming to you today from London, ON where I am participating in my client, Pat Mussieux's, Mighty Mavericks Mastermind Retreat!  We have these in person gatherings on a quarterly basis to reconnect, learn in a more in depth manner, as well as have some FUN!
As many of you know, I serve as Pat's Associate Coach, and support our
 Mavericks on a consistent monthly basis in identifying the appropriate next steps for them to take to achieve their desired business goals and dreams.  It is truly an honor and I'm proud to say that I am quite good at being their Strategy & Accountability Coach J
This is the first time that my Prince Charming is traveling with me, you can see the pic of us cruising in our beautiful Corvette.  This too is part of our semi-retirement plan, to travel together whenever possible.  I'm so lucky to have such an open and amazing client who embraced the idea!
Would you like to meet this accomplished, courageous and inspiring woman, Pat Mussieux?
Well you can, as Pat will be in Toronto and Syracuse over the next couple of months.  I encourage you to check out the details within my Resource Section below and if your schedule allows, take a road trip with someone who inspires you - you won't be disappointed!!

Much love,
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Divine Timing Exists Whether You Believe It Or Not!
I  am so excited to be sharing with you the concepts 
presented in  Quantum Leaps - 7 Skills for Workplace ReCreation by Charlotte Shelton .  

Over the next several months, I intend to share with you in more detail, The Seven Quantum Skills that will enable you to see the world in a new way
This month we explore The Quantum Skill of Quantum Trusting: The ability to trust life!
Quantum Trusting is the ability to trust life's process. This skill enables us to ride the rapids of change, fully participating in the adventure without attempting to control the course - deeply aware that it's easier to ride a raft in the direction it is going.  As we use this skill we begin to focus on the  mystery of life, rather than on  mastery over it.  We become less intent on manipulating the world and more intent on appreciating it.   We let life happen.
As stated by the author, "Chaos introduces the disequilibrium necessary for change.   Chaos leads us to the forks in the road of life, places where we can make a new choice."  I'm sure if you give this a little thought you will identify the chaotic times in your life that pointed you in a new direction, both personally and professionally. 
This has not always been easy for me; I grew up in an alcoholic household that was extremely chaotic at times.   My primary coping mechanism was control.   I controlled the areas of my life that I could, my grades, my appearance, and even my emotions, rarely admitting how scared I really was during my childhood.
I've grown tremendously since this time.   I can honestly tell you that I believe in what I call, Divine Timing.  All things are divinely ordered and although we do have free will, for the most part I operate in  the flow of the Universe and accept that all will be ok.  My personal experience has been that when we  listen to our intuition and take inspired action in faith, the universe conspires to support us.  I've seen this many times in my own life, as well as in many of my client's lives.
As we use  the skill of Quantum Trusting, we begin to accept life's natural flow.  We cease to focus so much on the future, and we  immerse ourselves more fully in the now.  In so doing, we experience the gift of serenity.   Our fears dissipate and our energy soars.  This does not mean that there are no challenges (chaos) in our lives.  We live in a cyclical universe.   The pendulum of change is always swinging, but we detach ourselves from the drama of the ride.  The peaks and valleys become less noticeable.  We trust life's process and understand that  This Too Shall Pass.

Stay tuned for the September issue of my Co-Creator's Corner, where I will expand on the seventh and final Quantum Skill - Quantum Being - The ability to be in a relationship.

Resource Section

My client and good friend, Pat Mussieux, will be hosting two events this September and October, as part of her Mindset, Marketing & Money Tour 2017.  I do believe you would LOVE her message and business tips, so I highly encourage you to attend!

Are you ready to EVOLVE? It's time to start making the tough decisions for your business. Make a decision. Make a plan. Make money.

Mindset, Marketing & Money Tour
Toronto | September 27-28, 2017
Syracuse, NY | October 17-18, 2017

You've known for quite some time that you're ready to experience the next big level of success in your business. You've done the work, put in the time and investment, and now it's your turn to make more, work less, and gain control of your life. So many of us have compromised our lifestyle in exchange for growing our business - it's time for that to end! Today!

Where can you get access to a day and a half of training on Mindset, Marketing and Money, with a coach who has taken her business to the high six-figures in a short period of time - at a very affordable investment? 

A Thought to Ponder

"To break free from fear, from a life where you've 'settled' and where you have lost sight of who you are,  from a life of compromise ...... tough decisions have to be made so that you can create the life you really want  and live without regrets. 

That's how I ended up with the equivalent
of my whole life in a trash bag."

By: Pat Mussieux
Meet Susan 
Tap Into Your Center - Increasing Sales, Revenues and Profits™  was officially founded by me, Susan Beebe in the fall of 2013. After more than 30 years of being in sales and marketing, of successfully running my own advertising agency, Lighthouse Marketing, I have finally given myself permission and launched the business entity that speaks to my soul.

I believe  we are each given unique gifts, talents, skills ; that are meant to be shared with others. That is our purpose - it's truly that simple. My gifts include practical skills, such as the ability to sell - to market effectively - to run a successful business - all with the primary spiritual intention of being unconditional love!

If you're responsible for generating new customers for your company - and would like to co-create a customized New Business Development system to 
generate a steady stream of your ideal customers - then let's connect, and explore how I can put my 30 years' experience to work for you and your company.

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