I am sending this to you because you live relatively close to Nashville or you have asked to be informed where my speaking schedule takes me. I will only send this to you once and appreciate you taking this time. (If you got it two times from different sources, I apologize; I had a computer glitch - Oy!)

What am I asking?

I have been honored by being chosen to do an Academy session on presentation skills (called "TALK") for the International Institute of Municipal Clerks' annual conference in Nashville, TN on May 7.


Because you are close to that area (certainly within a short plane trip or a one-day car drive), I am sending this to you to see if you know anyone who might benefit from working with me on either side of May 7.  Because I am already on the road, my travel expenses are covered and that allows me to work with people who might not normally be able to use my services. (Although I would prefer paid engagements of course, I do a limited number of pro-bono engagements every year and if you know anyone who might qualify, I'd be willing to consider those too.)

As a brief reminder, I do lively upbeat keynotes and content-rich workshops and breakouts which combine elements of:
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management Tools
  • Attitude Development
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Presentation skills (with an emphasis on a very lively technique called "sculpting" which you can see here.)
  • Of course, I am also known for my weight loss presentations...


If you would like to see my list of topics, you can go here.


My presentation has been described as "a cross between business 101, group therapy, and a southern revival." (If you would like to see a short video showing my style, go here


Thank you for allowing me to contact you. If there is any way I can return this favor, it would be my honor.



Scott "Q" Marcus, CDO

Founder, "This Time I Mean It Day" every February 15.