LIFE by the Numbers These
Past 3 Weeks
0 : number of minutes this community hesitated to spring into action!
358 : number of new volunteers who have reached out to help us tackle the overwhelming level of need.
34% : increase in Meals on Wheels requests.
100% : amount of meals requests we've been able to meet.
812 : number of homebound seniors we've phoned for a “COVID needs check-in”.  <3
598 : number of seniors we've helped to get phone friends, groceries, medications, etc.
HELLA : number of grocery bags we've delivered in partnership with the fantastic San Lorenzo Family Help Center , Tri-City Volunteers food pantry, and South Hayward Parish.
4 : gallons (!) of isopropyl alcohol we've used to make DIY PPE.
25 : LIFE staff nimbly adapting to the newly and constantly shifting landscapes and systems.
0.5 : days it took website diva, Lisa Stambaugh , to create to streamline all those new volunteer sign-ups.
90 : seconds of new film made to thank all the Meals on Wheels cooks, packers, volunteer coordinators, and volunteers who are, of course, essential workers!
If you or a neighbor is 60+ and homebound without help, LIFE ElderCare can:

  • Deliver a bag of groceries 
  • Bring you a fresh, healthy meal for 7 days a week
  • Match you with a volunteer for informal phone chats
  • Bring you cat food, dog food, toilet paper, or Ensure (while supplies last)
  • Offer you an online grocery shopping lesson with follow-up coaching as needed
  • Add you to a list of ongoing check-ins
  • Pick up most medication, inhalers, lancets, etc. when permission is given to a pharmacist

A helpful resource: COVID No-Contact Food Sources
If you need groceries or other essentials and have no one to help you, please click on the image to register.

If you're available to support an isolated elder in your neighborhood, please sign up to volunteer.

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