Volunteers prep and load up boxes of food for Oakland elders. Clockwise from top left: Cherine Ghanayam, LIFE driver John Mah, Beanie Bedford, Laurie King, Dave Williams, and Brandon Brown
VOLUNTEERS - now more than ever, they remain on the frontlines, essential workers whose community-minded dedication, generosity, and tireless efforts enable so many nonprofits to help those in need.

We want to give a huge shout out to the diverse, inter-generational group of individuals who have stepped up to help LIFE during COVID-19. What we have seen time & again during this crisis is the willingness of both individuals and organizations to come together and share ideas and resources in a spirit of collaboration to better serve the community.
The LIFE volunteers supporting our food delivery program at the North Oakland Senior Center (NOSC) are a shining example. Meet a few of our amazing volunteers.

Gulnar Huseni-Kasmani has been helping at NOSC since the launch of the program. "It's been such a pleasure to volunteer here," Gulnar shared. "The volunteers are super energetic and engaged and everyone comes with the mindset to help however they can. There is a huge amount of respect for the autonomy of the volunteers and the team is very responsive to new ideas and suggestions".
Artenesha Jackson, an Oakland native and social worker at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, started delivering food boxes in early July. "I really wanted to support those who were food insecure but could no longer get to the food pantry because they were high-risk. When I deliver these boxes of food to the elders on my route, I feel like I'm helping my grandparents!"
Julia Fiske, a PhD student studying conservation genetics at UC Davis, started volunteering with LIFE in May because she wanted to deliver food to those who were homebound because of the pandemic. She's thrilled to be able to help out: "It's been awesome - a really good volunteer experience!"
"Almost every client is happy to see you and that's very unusual in any job!" -- volunteer Dave Williams

To all our wonderful volunteers - thank you for all that you do, everyday, for the elders in our community!

LIFE needs volunteer drivers to deliver food bank groceries to isolated seniors throughout the county. Please email rides@LifeElderCare.org or call 510-856-9010.
How to Be An Antiracist
When fighting against injustice, it is not enough to be non-racist - you have to do the messy and sometimes painful work of becoming an antiracist. As Dr. Ibram X. Kendi explains, an antiracist is an individual who actively works to address racist biases and dismantle the institutions that reinforce systemic racism.
Please click on the image above to watch Dr. Kendi's powerful presentation and pick up a copy of his bestselling book to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be an antiracist.
Fighting food insecurity with community fridges: a cool new initiative in Oakland
As more and more people are dealing with food insecurity, a group called the Oakland Town Fridge collective is setting up and stocking refrigerators in various Oakland neighborhoods.

Community members are invited to "take what you need and leave what you can". The anonymous organizers are working towards one simple goal: to try and provide sustenance for anyone who needs it. Supported by donations and teams of volunteers, the organizers have set up community fridges at nine Oakland locations. And the grassroots initiative is spreading; fridges have started popping up in San Francisco and are in the works for San Jose and other Bay Area communities.