Mershon Center for International Security Studies
November 21 , 2016
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In the Media
Paul Beck
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Social and Behavioral Sciences

"Donald Trump flipped Rust Belt states by boosting rural vote; Hillary Clinton couldn't make up the difference"
Cleveland Plain Dealer
November 11, 2016

"Can Hillary Clinton still win? Unlikely, but possible"
WCMH-TV Columbus
November 12, 2016

"What's Next for John Kasich After Trump's Presidential Victory?"
November 13, 2016
Peter Mansoor
Gen. Raymond E. Mason Jr. Chair in Military History

"Critics Wait To See How Trump Manages Foreign Policy"
November 14, 2016

"How Will Trump Handle America's Multiple Wars?"
November 16, 2016
David Stebenne
Professor of History and Law

"Converts To Trump"
November 11, 2016
Alexander Thompson
Associate Professor of Political Science

"Trump presidency's effect on environment may be profound"
November 21, 2016
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Mershon Events
Monday, November 28, 2016

Colin Camerer
"A Neurally-Informed Model of Habit in Consumer Choice"
3:30 p.m., 120 Mershon Center, 1501 Neil Ave.

Colin Camerer Colin F. Camerer is the Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Finance and Economics at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., where he teaches cognitive psychology and economics. Camerer earned a bachelor's degree in quantitative studies from Johns Hopkins in 1977, and an MBA in finance (1979) and Ph.D. in decision theory (1981, at age 22) from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Before coming to Caltech in 1994, Camerer worked at the Kellogg, Wharton, and University of Chicago business schools. He studies both behavioral and experimental economics. Read more and register at
Mershon News

Robert Ross
Robert Ross spoke at the Mershon Center on October 17.

Did you miss any of this semester's events that you wanted to see at the Mershon Center? You may be in luck. When possible, and when we have permission of the speaker, we videotape events for people to view later.

So far this semester we have four event recordings available:
When an event is recorded, it can take two to three weeks for the recording to be edited in house, then sent to Media Services to be processed into a streaming video. Once that is done, we post a link on the event web page.

If you have questions about event recordings, please contact event coordinator Steven Blalock or public relations coordinator Cathy Becker.  
Other Events
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
11:30 a.m., Franklin Park Conservatory, Veridian Room, 1777 E. Broad St.
Sponsored by Columbus Council on World Affairs

Eytan Gilboa Join us for a discussion about current trends in the Middle East focusing on Iran, Israel, Syria, Turkey, ISIS and beyond. Expert analysis and dialogue will be provided by Eytan Gilboa and John Quigley. Eytan Gilboa (left) is professor of political science and communication and founding director of both the School of Communication and the Center for International Communication at Bar-Ilan University. He is a senior research associate at the BESA Center for Strategic Studies and visiting professor of public diplomacy at USC. John Quigley is a President's Club Professor Emeritus of Law at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Before joining Ohio State in 1969, Quigley was a research scholar at Moscow State University and a research associate in comparative law at Harvard Law School. Quigley teaches international law and comparative law, and is active in international human rights work. Read more and register
Other News
'Origins' examines U.S.-China monetary policy

Origins has published its new article: " The United States, China, and the Money Question" by Austin Dean.

Many Americans, apparently, are really angry at China right now. They believe that China is taking advantage of the United States with unfair trade practices and by manipulating its currency. In fact, American politicians and bankers have been concerned with China's currency for a very long time.  This month historian Austin Dean traces this long history of American involvement in China's monetary policies and shows that Americans have been more the manipulator than manipulated. Read the entire article at .

About Origins: Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective is a monthly ad-free magazine that features top scholars on today's most pressing topics. Published by The Ohio State History Department, its authors include National Book Award winners and world-renowned scholars. You can also explore reviews of popular history books on the Origins website as well as the new monthly feature Milestones.
Call for Proposals: Conference on conflict resolution

The International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education (CRE), to take place March 16-19 at The Ohio State University, is an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration and research. Presentations will focus on innovations in the field that are making broad impacts in local, state, national, and international communities. 

The conference is intended for primary, secondary and higher education students, faculty, staff and administrators, members of the business community, policy makers at all levels, researchers, non-profit leaders, media groups, philanthropists, and anyone wishing to make positive change in their communities. Participants will exchange best practices, evaluation methodology, creation of policy implementation structures, consideration of obstacles to success, and new and innovative use of training, resources and technology. 

Find more information here. Questions? Please contact the Conference Coordinator, Jennifer Batton, at 1-216-952-5609 or
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