March 11th, 2021 | 27 Adar 5781 | Vayak'hel-Pekudei
Candle lighting 5:56 p.m. | Havdalah 7:02 p.m

The ritual committee and Rabbi Tendler are considering offering virtual Friday night services to help us all welcome Shabbat. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this brief survey so that we can better understand the type of service our congregation would like to see.
Please respond by March 25th.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Please click here to access the survey:

It is the responsibility of the ENTIRE community to ensure
that each of its members has the basic requirements for seder.
This year makes this concept much more complex.

If you or someone you know does not have access this year -
for whatever reason (financial, lack of availability, etc),
please don't hesitate to call Rabbi Tender at (604) 271-6262
Connect so that we, as a community, can ensure that each of
our members has access.
Please scroll down for Passover Resources
Upcoming Programs
Monday Seniors Program
COVID Vaccination & Celebrating Passover

Monday, March 22nd
1:00 pm

Denise Perron, registered health nurse, will speak on
COVID vaccination and
Rabbi Tendler will follow with "Celebrating Passover -
How To Make It Meaningful". 

This program may run closer to 75 minutes than the usual 60 minutes so please plan your time accordingly.

CLICK HERE To join us on Zoom

Meeting ID: 916 5361 8215
Passcode: 487087
CLICK HERE to join Pirkei Avot on Zoom
Navigating Gender and Sexuality Forum is now available online
CLICK HERE to access the recording
Passover Resources
Need to borrow Haggadot? Siddurim (prayer books)? 
Please call the synagogue to make arrangements.
(604) 271-6262

Before Passover, we are bidden to eliminate all chametz (bread
products or derivatives of bread products) from our possession.
Rabbi Tendler will facilitate this for you. Click on the button
below to take advantage of our online submission form no later
than noon on Thursday, March 25th.

If only it were this easy to clean for Passover and get rid of all
of our burdens!

For Mechirat Chametz Online Selling Form CLICK HERE
Shabbat Morning Tefillot
Saturday, March 20th
10:00 am

With Ronit Berger and
Naomi Ben-Yehuda

to join us on Zoom
Meeting ID: 850 4816 8104
Passcode: 3K03Qc

or call in
778 907 2071
Meeting ID: 850 4816 8104
Passcode: 819112
Tuesday Morning Minyan
Tuesday, March 23rd
at 8:30 am

With Hannah Frankel
and Robbie Baker

to join Zoom for Tuesday Minyan
Meeting ID: 833 2261 5441
Passcode: B1fZDB

or call in
778 907 2071
Meeting ID: 833 2261 5441
Password: 468213
Havdalah B'yachad
Saturday, April 10th
8:45 pm

to join us on Zoom
Meeting ID: 851 8477 5089
Passcode: 566921
Isha L'Isha
Youth Programming

RSVP by dming @richmondusy on Instagram,
or by emailing us at
The zoom link will be sent out
prior to the event.

RSVP by emailing us at
The zoom link will be sent out
prior to the event.

With Pesach quickly approaching
We invite all of the Beth Tikvah families to join us on

Facebook Live
Thursday, March 25th
at 4 pm
On the CSS Facebook Page
for this fun tutorial.
Mazel tov to our members celebrating
a birthday: 
Mr. Howard Moss
Joshua Altow
Mr. Kyle Berger
Mr. Larry Meyer
Mrs. Iowna Wachtel
Jordana Jackson
Mr. Charl Hammer
Mrs. Stephanie Tarnow

Mazel tov to our members celebrating
Marshall & Barbara Ann Letcher
Richard & Judith Waldman
Darek & Anna Jakubowski 
Yahrzeits: March 5th - March 12th

Elinore Charles
Helen Dobbs
Shari Hartmann
Gloria Zimerman
Barney Benjamin Melamed
Sigi Wassermann
Max Meyer
Naomi Gertler
Esther Davis
Mavis Boyd
Henry Nutkiewicz
Fifty Years Young
Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary

You are invited to participate in this exciting community effort! 

There are four simple ways to participate:
  1. Contribute a brief write-up of your organization’s history;
  2. Nominate a Notable community member who has made valuable contributions over the years or is a promising emerging leader;
  3. Contribute your own Family History;
  4. Invite your members and supporters to Nominate Someone Notable or contribute a Family History.
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