Hello Church Family,

Just a few things to think and pray about...and to get involved with in the days ahead this Spring...God is Good!
You’ll be hearing a lot more about this cooperative evangelistic outreach to kids in our area. BPC, in conjunction with the cooperating PM churches in our area, will be conducting a three day VBS-style curriculum, packaged in an event oriented outreach, to bring the Good News of Jesus to our community.

The fist set of dates will be Monday-Wednesday July 8-10 here at BPC Kid’s Park. A second outreach will be duplicated in Platteville in the beginning of August. A possible third outreach may be triplicated among the bilingual communities of Darlington and Monroe.

We will need “all hands on deck for this!” Let the Holy Spirit be your guide as you make yourself available to Him in this work...
We will be advertising a special service on a very sensitive topic at our Fellowship Sunday Service this month on Sunday May 26th.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will reach into this community to bring the Hope of Jesus to bear against the epidemic of suicide that so many families have been impacted by. We really need to be in prayer folks!

This meeting will be fully advertised in our newspapers and on social media. Please pray for your “Oikos”—invite family, friends and coworkers!

A ham and rolls lunch will follow the service.
For the next two weeks, I will be sharing about the core values of Beginning Point Church.

Gather, Grow, Give and Go are four values that characterized the first century church as seen in Acts 2:42-47.

As the elders have considered these values, we wanted to bring them into a simple and solid statement that will help us all as individual members, participants in ministry and ministry leaders to serve the Lord together in a way that promotes the true Kingdom of God working in us and through us.

Please be asking God to show you, as an individual, how these “4-G’s” are placing a call on you to serve Christ here at Beginning Point Church.

***After the Fellowship Lunch on May 26th we are asking anyone involved in leading or helping in any ministry at BPC to stay after for a short meeting related to our incorporating the “4-G’s” into every ministry. Leaders will hear more from the elders before the 26th—just wanted all to be aware of this.

Pastor Dave