Spring 2017 came prematurely then withdrew! Ice left our lake record-breaking early and every flake of snow was gone half way through April. This week it snowed every day and the lake is half covered in icy slush. Winter apparently is not done yet.

Determinedly, we press on with preparations for the upcoming season.
As soon as weather breaks, we will ferry the Beaver from Thunder Bay where it spent the winter for engine and propeller upgrades. 
The Otter has a few pieces to be installed before it hits the water.
The Cessna is 'good to go'.
We will be doing a little staff shuffle this season. 

Check our Blog for the update.

Of course Karen and Brad will be doing what they do and looking forward to seeing our friends and guests as we being our 31st summer in Ignace.

We have seen a dramatic rise in guests bringing CPap machines to the outpost cabins. 

We are installing 12-volt plugs in the cabins for use of a single, portable CPap which can run on 12 volts.  This power comes directly from the solar system so please keep in mind the limitations of battery power with daytime use (lights, charging phones, etc) and then a CPap to run all night. 

If you must bring a sleep machine or if there are several sleep machines in the group, we have a limited number of portable generators available to rent on a first-come basis for $150.00 per stay. Please bring your own extension cords.

To our knowledge there are no changes to the restricted items list for those of you coming from the US.

Remember to purchase your angling licences prior to arriving at our office. You will need your Outdoors Card (even if expired) to purchase tags for this season. Start HERE.

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Brad & Karen Greaves
166 Lakeshore Dr., Box 244
Ignace, ON, P0T 1T0 Canada