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June 4 2014

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A Quick Look At What We Do.


Sales,Service, Installation or Repair of:
Keys Duplicated
Locks Re-keyed
Code Cut keys
Pick Open Locks
Key Control
Door Hardware
Safe Service
Safe Deposit Box
Masterkey Systems
Desk Locks
File Cabinet
Door Closer
Panic Hardware
Electronic Access
Security Cameras
Alarm Systems
Alarm System Takeovers
Alarm Monitoring
Custom Fabrications
Locksmith Training
And Much More...
We are Dealers for:
Von Duprin
Sargent Lock
LCN Door Closer
Adams Rite
Alarm Lock
Corbin Russwin
US Lock
Keri Systems
Galaxy Control System
Dedicated Micros
 And Many More...
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Retail Store Locations
Comlock Security Group
302 W. Katella Ave
Orange, CA 92867
(Between Glassell St. & Batavia St.)
Comlock Security Group
127 N. Raymond Ave.
Fullerton CA. 92831
(Between Chapman Ave. & Commonwealth Ave.)
Stores Open
8:30am to 5:00pm
Monday - Friday
Closed Saturday & Sunday
In This Issue

25 things you may not know about Comlock Security Group, Inc.


1We offer a 1 year warranty.

     This warranty extends our standard 90 day warranty

     to one year on most items. The cost is $10.00 or

     10% of the invoice, whichever is higher.  Ask your

     sales or service representative for details.  


2. We own / operate Spectrum Security Systems.

     Spectrum Security Systems is our alarm company. 

     Comlock Security Group, Inc. entered the alarm

     industry in 1991.  We sell, install, service and 

     monitor fire & burglar alarm systems.  Our

     monitoring station is located locally in Aliso Viejo,

     Orange County, California.  We can often take over

     an existing alarm system at little to no out of pocket

     cost.  We can upgrade your system with the latest

     alarm technology


3. We own / operate School of Security Technology

    The School of Security Technology was established

     in 1991 to teach locksmithing to individuals seeking

     employment in the locksmithing trade.  Our courses

     are design to give our graduates the knowledge they

     need to be productive from their very first day on the

     job, making them more employable to prospective

     locksmith employers. To date we have graduated

     over 600 students.  Tours of our school are available

     by appointment.


4. We been doing business for over 53 years.

    Our company started out in 1961 as a one person

     shop with a key duplicating machine in a Western

     Auto Parts store located in city of La Habra,  

     California.  Shortly after, our first company formed

     as Bill's Lock & Safe Service.  The business has

     grown to include Locksmithing, Security Cameras

     systems, Electronic Access Control Systems, Alarm

     Systems and Safes.  We service the Greater

     Southern California Basin.


5. We maintain a locksmith vendor network.

     We have an established locksmith Network of

     Security Partners (NSP) of over 350 dealers across

     the nation.  This network was established to service

     our chain store customers who want to deal with just

     one security company for all their locations.  They

     call us with the problem and we dispatch our closet

     NSP to the location requiring the work.


6. We have two retail store locations.

    302 W. Katella Ave.           127 N. Raymond

    Orange, Ca. 92867            Fullerton, Ca. 92831


    Our retail stores are full service security centers.

    From duplicate keys cut to special order locks, you

    can find it here! Including High Security Auto Keys.


    Opened from 8:30am to 5:00pm M-F, Closed

    Saturday & Sunday.


7. We are an authorized Medeco Service Center. 


     Are you having issues with your Medeco Key

     system?  Come see us!  We have the support of

     the factory, which allows us to respond to problems

     more quickly than non-MSCs. 


8. Call to place your work order before noon.

     Call us before noon Monday through Friday to 

     place your work order and we will service your

     commercial location the same day even it its after

     5:00pm at our normal non-overtime rates.


9. No automotive locksmithing in the field.

    Over the last 10 plus years, changes to the locking     

    devices use in the automotive industry has become

    so sophisticated that specialized training and tools are

    required to work on them.  This represents an

    ongoing investment of money and time to keep

    up with the ever changing technology, at least if you

    want to do it correctly without damaging the vehicle. 

    As a company, we decided to focus on our 

    strengths as a commercial security company and

    leave the automotive work to the specialists we



    Our Fullerton Store location does work on most

    automotive locks in the store doing repairs and 

    keying of lock cylinders.     


10. We provide locksmith service.

      Locksmithing has been the foundation of our

      company since 1961.  We provide all aspects of

      locksmithing service and products to both

      residential and commercial customers with the

      exception of automotive locksmith service and

      lockouts.  We do however work on automotive

      locks in our Fullerton store location as well as cut

      high security automotive keys. 


11. We provide security camera systems.

      We sell, install and service a wide variety of

      security cameras and recorders, allowing us to

      design a camera system specific to the customers  

      budget and environment. 


12. We provide electronic access control.

      We sell, install and service electronic access control

      systems; focusing primarily on Brivo, HID, Galaxy

      and Keri.  From a single door to multi door

      systems we have a solution for you!  


 13. We have welding available.

      There are times when a Customer requires a

      welder to mount a plate to install a security

      device on a wrought iron gate.  We can provide

      this service without having to obtain a third

      party source.


14. We employ over 25 local experts to service you.

       Comlock Security Group is structured to quickly

       respond to our Customers' needs. After 53 years

       in business, we know that a quality staff is

       essential.   Departments such as dispatch,

       accounting, sales, service, operations, and store-

       front retail are each staffed by people who care 

       about your security and know how to get your job

       done right.


15. Our service area is vast.

       Our service area includes all of Orange, Los

       Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties

       (the Inland Empire).  On occasion we will travel to

       Ventura and San Diego Counties.   


16. We sell and service safes.

      Investing in a safe is much like purchasing a

      car.  It's something that you have to touch and

      feel in order to make an informed decision.  We

      have two showrooms where you can come in

      and do just that.  Our sales and service

      representatives will educate you on the

      various types of safes to help you determine

      what safe fits your particular needs.


17. Specialize in master key system takeovers.

       Imagine this: You have an office complex, a

       manufacturing facility, or maybe a hospital with a

       master key that has become outdated because

       your master key doesn't fit where its suppose to,

       there are doors with no operating keys and

       there's no one who is responsible for issuing

       and maintaining the system.  What do you do? 

       Leave it and hope it will get better or do you take

       action to improve your overall security?  We solved

       this problem by repairing or re-master key your

       facility according to your specifications and our

       expert recommendations.


18. On-line Security Store.

       We operate the Security Stop, an on-line security

       store where DIY customers can purchase their

       security products and have them shipped directly

       to them.  Purchases are made by credit cards with

       all transactions made over the Internet.  No counter

       service is available.  Currently, our on-line store

       is being revamped so the product selections may

       be limited at this time.  


19. Are customers knows us by:

       Comlock Security Group, Inc.  (1995 to Present)

       Spectrum Security Systems (1991 to Present)

       Commercial Lock & Security  (1985 to 1995)

       Bill's Lock & Safe Service  (1961 to 1985)


 20. We're available 24/7/365.

       By calling our main phone number, 714 633-1499, 

       you contact us directly.  After 5:00pm, on 

       weekends, or Holidays our answering service will

       answer the phone and give your information to our 

       on call service technician who will contact you

       directly in a matter of minutes.


21. Our main operations is located at:

       302 W. Katella Ave

       Orange, Ca. 92867

       (Between Glassell Street & Batavia Street)


22. Memberships / organizations we belong to:

       Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA)

       Safe & Vault Technicians Association

       Orange County Alarm Association


23. We offer both commercial & residential service.

       While our main thrust has always been commercial

       work, we continue to offer residential service since

       1961. Most of our residential work has been for

       locksmithing but security cameras and access

       control systems are playing an increasing roll in the

       residential security market.   


24. We hold these licenses & permits.

       C10 License - Electrical Contractor

       D28 License - Door & gate Activating Devices

       C28 License - Lock & Security Contractor

       D16 License - Hardware & Safes

       C61 License - Limited Specialty

       C7 License - Low Voltage

       478006 - Contractor License

       LCO 646 - Locksmith Permit

       4166 License - Alarm Company Operator


25. We are fully insured.

      One of the most important things you can do when

      hiring a company to perform work on your property

      is ask to see their insurance.  Most legitimate

      companies can not afford to be without sufficient 

      insurance coverage, yet many of the smaller

      companies minimize the cost of insurance, thinking

      everything will be alright. This and other shortcuts 

      account for their lower prices.  If something

      happens, they disappear and resurface as another

      company.  Know who you're dealing with!



Give us a call at 714 633-1499

                                   Viewable Code of Ethics
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Orange     302 W. Katella Ave
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                            714 288-7170
Fullerton  127 N. Raymond Ave
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                           714 738-3529
 8:30am - 5:00pm
Closed Sat & Sun
Formerly Known as 
Bill's Lock & Safe
Commercial Lock & Security 
Comlock Security Group, Inc. |
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