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Inventions & Discoveries
1. Elijah McCoy (1843 - 1929) invented an automatic lubricator for oiling steam engines in 1872. The term "the real McCoy" is believed to be a reference about the reliability of Elijah McCoy's invention. Read Elijah McCoy's Biography

2. Garrett Augustus Morgan (1877 - 1963) invented, among many other things, a 3-way automatic stop sign, which he sold to General Electric. It was used in the U.S. until the 3-light traffic sign was developed. Read Garrett Augustus Morgan's Biography
3. Otis Boykin (1920 -1982) invented electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the control unit for a pacemaker.

4. George Carruthers (1939 - ) invented the far ultraviolet electrographic camera, used in the 1972 Apollo 16 mission. This invention revealed new features of Earth's far-outer atmosphere and deep-space objects from the perspective of the lunar surface. Carruthers was inducted into the National Inventor's Hall of Fame in 2003.

5. James West's (1931 - ) research in sound technology led to the development of foil-electret transducers used in 90% of all microphones built today and in most new telephones being manufactured. West holds 47 U.S. and more than 200 foreign patents on microphones and techniques for making polymer foil-electrets. He was inducted into the National Inventor's Hall of Fame in 1999.

6. Mark Dean (1957 - ) along with his co-inventor Dennis Moelle created a microcomputer system with bus control means for peripheral processing devices. This invention allows the use of computer plug-ins like disk drives, speakers, scanners, etc...

7. George T. Sampson invented a clothes dryer that used heat from a stove in 1892.

8. Frederick Jones (1892 - 1961) held over 60 patents with most of them pertaining to refrigeration. His portable air conditioner was used in World War II to preserve medicine and blood serum.

9. Granville Woods (1856 - 1910) invented numerous devices relating to the railroad including a system of overhead electric conducting lines, air brakes and a telegraph system that allowed communication between moving trains. Read Granville Woods' Biography

10. Lewis Temple (1800 - 1854) revolutionized the whaling industry with his invention of the toggle harpoon in 1848.

11. Dr. Charles Drew (1904 - 1950) discovered techniques to store blood and developed blood banks. Read Dr. Charles Drew's Biography

12. Thomas J. Martin patented a fire extinguisher in 1872.

13. Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852 - 1889) invented the Shoe Lasting machine, which connected the upper part of the shoe to the sole, a painstaking process that was usually done by hand. This invention revolutionized the shoe making industry. Read Jan Ernst Matzeliger's Biography


14. Lewis Howard Latimer invented the carbon filament for light bulbs in 1881. Read Lewis Howard Latimer's Biography

15. Joseph Winters invented a fire escape ladder in 1878.

16.  Lonnie G. Johnson (1949), an engineer who performed spacecraft system design for NASA, invented the Super Soaker water gun - the number one selling toy in America in 1991.

17. Alexander Miles of Duluth, Minnesota patented an electric elevator in 1887 with automatic doors that would close off the shaft way, thus making elevators safer.

18. Andrew Jackson Beard (1849 - 1921) invented the "Jenny Coupler" which allowed train cars to hook themselves together when they are bumped into one another. The device is still used today.

19. John Love invented the pencil sharpener in 1897.

20. Sarah E. Goode (1850 - ? ) invented a bed that folded up into a cabinet in 1885. Contrary to popular belief, she was not the first African-American woman to receive a patent, but the second.

21. C.B. Brooks invented the street sweeper in 1896. It was a truck equipped with brooms.

22. L.P. Ray invented the dustpan in 1897.

23. Henry Brown created what is now known as a "strongbox", a metal container to store money and important papers that could be locked with a key in 1886.

24. Joseph Lee (1849 - 1905) invented a bread-making machine that mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough in 1895.

25. Henry Blair (1807 - 1860), the second African-American to receive a patent, invented a corn seed planter in 1834 and a cotton planter in 1836. Blair could not read or write and signed his patent with an X.

26. David Crosthwait Jr. (1898 - 1979) an expert on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, holds 39 U.S. patents and 80 international patents pertaining to heating, refrigeration and temperature regulating systems. Crosthwait created the heating system for New York City's Radio City Music Hall. Read David Crosthwait Jr.'s Biography 


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Contractor License - 478006
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Single Door Access Control
Many times a company only has the need for a single door
Standalone access control
 lock in use.
of access control like an employee entrance, or the door to human resources, or to the IT room.  It could be something simple from a single code mechanical lock to a electronic lock that can be programmed to function in many different ways including tracking whose code was entered into the lock by date and time. Standalone access control locks have been on the market for the past 20 plus years. 
Today these keyless locks are made for just about every style of door found on commercial buildings.  There are two types on locks to choose from; mechanical and electronic.  Mechanical access control locks are on the lower end of features and price while the electronic locks offer full features and functions along with tracking options but
Standalone access control lock with prox reader on swimming pool gate.
No More Keys!.
at a higher cost.   With the exception of the mechanical locks the electronic locks are battery operated with a life span of two years based on average usage.  This keeps the installation cost to a minimum as the need to run wires to the lock has been eliminated
As the batteries start to run low the lock will signal you with steady beeps while continuing to operated as normal.  When you change the batteries, typically 4 to 5 AAs, the programming of the lock is held in memory so there is no need to re-program the lock. If for some reason you ignored the low battery warning and the lock goes dead you can still open the door using a key.  Some of these locks are available for residential use but often with less features than their commercial counterparts.  
Below are some popular choices of commercial standalone locks starting with a mechanical lock.

Simplex - Mechanical Pushbutton Lock. 
by Kaba
Simplex has been around for a long time and for good reason...It works.  This is a single code mechanical lock that the installer sets up a 1 to 5 digit code in the lock using a series of turns of the lever or knob and the buttons on the face of the lock.  
Simplex L1000
Only one code can be setup in the lock.  This code would be shared by everyone using the lock.  You can change the code to the lock when needed and by doing so the old code would no longer work.  All users would need to have the new code to access the door. This is a good lock to use when one code will work for everyone and a tracking feature is not required.  Simplex makes an assortment of mechanical pushbutton locks to use for doors and cabinets.  Some of these locks have a deadbolt while others have a slam latch.  Installation is fairly easy as it only requires a few holes to drill.  The body of the lock fits into the standard door prep for the typical cylindrical lockset.  If you can live with the limitations of this lock it would be a good choice.

NDE Series Wireless Lock - Engage Technology
by Schlage
NDE Wireless lock with
Engage Technology.
The new Schlage® NDE Series wireless lock with ENGAGE™ technology is designed to be easy to install, connect, manage and use.  Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, it is ideal for interior office doors, common area doors and sensitive storage spaces with a cylindrical door prep. 
NDE Series wireless locks simplify installation by combining the lock, credential reader, door position sensor and request-to-exit switch all in one unit. NDE Series wireless locks utilize the standard ND cylindrical door prep and can be installed in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver; no need to install additional components, drill holes or run wires to each opening.
ENGAGE™ cloud-based web and mobile apps make it easy to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from anywhere.  For advanced capabilities including user schedules, auto unlocks and holidays, NDE Series wireless locks can be managed with software from Schlage's access control alliance partners.  NDE Series wireless locks can be updated manually at the lock with the ENGAGE™ mobile app , automatically daily over WiFi or in real time when connected to an ENGAGE™ gateway.
NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE™ technology are compatible with most proximity and smart cards including aptiQ™ and aptiQmobile.™
  • Schlage NDE Rhodes lever style. Also available in Athens and Sparta lever styles
  • Standard ND door prep
  • WiFi enabled
  • Field Reversible
  • Innovative door position sensor built right into the lock and strikeplate
  • 4 AA batteries included
  • Free Engage app available on iTunes and Google Play
  • Basic offline wirless capabilities right out of the box: Add and delete users, view audits and alerts
  • Quickly add and delete credentials via the ENGAGE mobile app or access control software
  • Up to 100 locks on the same system
  • Up to 5000 users
  • Up to 2000 audits
App Features
  • Add and configure devices
  • Add new users and enroll credentials
  • View audits and alerts by door
  • Perform lock diagnostics
  • Send updates to devices manually
  • Requirements: iOS 7.1 or later. Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) or later
  • ANSI/BHMA: Grade 1
  • Backset: Adjustable
  • Battery Life: 2 years
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 120°
  • List of compatible phones: iPhone 4/4S/5 (with optional NFC case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5), iPod Touch (with NFC case), HTC One X+, Motorola Droid Razr M, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4, Samsung Galaxy Express, Samsung Nexus 4

Revolution - Electronic Pushbutton Lock.
by Arrow
The Arrow Revolution electronic pushbutton lock is the newest member to the standalone access control market and is becoming popular with both the commercial and residential markets.  A revolutionary solution at an affordable price.
Revolution 001
Arrow Revolution
In today's economy, customers have even more concerns than before but don't have the extra money to spend. That's why Arrow has developed the Arrow Revolution. A state-of-the-art touchscreen lock that brings form and function together in one package. It's perfect for high-traffic areas when you need multiple users and it is as easy as dialing a phone number.  Users benefit from a simple interaction with the lock through a voice guided touch keypad, making day to day use and programming easy. The Revolution ® V1 is recommended for healthcare facilities, offices, retail environments, multi-family housing, hospitality, government facilities, as well as K-12 school environments. It provides a traffic control solution for areas requiring restricted access.   PDF- Arrow Revolution Specs. 
  • Up to 255 individual user codes
  • Voice-guided programming
  • Optional key override
  • Trilingual (English, Spanish and French)
  • Non-handed
  • 4 AA batteries (1 year life)
  • Easy to use, install and program
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Eliminates need to distribute and track multiple keys
  • Fits into many existing key systems, including SFIC & LFIC
  • Weather resistant
  • BHMA Certified Grade 1 
All Arrow Revolution ® Stand-alone Touchscreen Locks are UL/cUL listed for use on 3 hour, A label or lesser doors.
  • ANSI A117.1 Accessibility Code  
  • California State Reference Code for levers returning to within 1/2" (12.7mm) of door surface
  • Federal Specification FF-H-106C
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1
Trilogy - Electronic Pushbutton Lock
by Alarm Lock
The Trilogy line of locks are the dominating lock on the market as far a standalone access control locks are concerned. The DL 2700 is a very popular lock among commercial users.
PDF- DL 2700 Specs   Several models are available based on usage and your requirements. The Trilogy line of locks offer just about every feature you could want from 100 to 2000
Trilogy DL 2700
individual  users, audit trail, weather resistant, 5 finishes, key override, proximity card reader and much more. 
Locks are available for solid entry doors to glass storefront doors.  Some locks can be integrated into an existing HID access control system.  Audit trail software, handheld printer and data transfer module are available for some locks.  These accessories allows you to capture the information on an audit trail lock.  You can print the information to the handheld printer or download it to the data transfer module allowing you to upload the information into the PC based software to view and save activity. All locks can be programmed using the push buttons on the face of the lock without the need of additional accessories. 
All Trilogy electronic door lock features: 
  • In an hour, add a dependable wireless access control keyless door lock, one door at a time-easily retrofit standard knobsets
  • Support 100 to 2000 PIN codes (3-5 or 6 digits); some with built-in HID prox readers for use with access ID cards/fobs
  • Multi-level user codes & one-time service codes. Free passage, group or total lock-out modes, too.
  • All keyless entry door locks are fingertip programmable at the vandal proof all-metal keypad
  • PC programmable models also feature printable audit trail, auto-lock/unlock scheduling saving guard/manpower costs
  • Long-life battery operation (cylindrical models use 5AA off-the-shelf batteries); low battery alert
  • Key override on all Trilogy electronic locks, standard core (supplied) or interchangeable core prep 
  • Non-handed cylindrical models 
  • Programmable relay functions
  • Durable BHMA Grade 1 Lockset
  • Weatherproof models -31˚ to +151˚F (-35˚ to +66˚C). rugged electronic door locks
  • Curved Regal handle option
  • 5 Architectural finishes (US3 polished brass, 26 polished chrome, 26D satin chrome, 5 antique brass, 10B duronodic)
The following locks are advanced digital electronic door lock with audit trail
DL3200 Series High Capacity Audit Trail Lock         
  • 2000 user codes (3-6 digits)
  • Multilevel security - Master; manager; supervisor; basic users
  • Program at keypad or with PC-and/or data-transfer module
  • 40,000 event audit trail logs with time-/date-stamp of access by user; create PC reports or at hand-held wireless printer
  • 150 scheduled lock/unlock events
  • Quick passage mode (without being in program mode)
  • Weatherproof -31˚ to +151˚F (-35˚ to +66˚C)
  • 5AA Battery operated; 80,000 cycles, typ.

DL3000 Audit Trail Lock           
  • Original Audit Trail Trilogy keypad lock, similar to above
  • 300 multilevel user codes; 1600 event log
DL2800 Audit Trail Lock   PDF- DL 2800 Specs 
  • 1000 event audit trail log, time-stamped by day, date, time and user
  • 150 scheduled automatic lock/unlock events,etc.
    DL 2800
  • 200 user codes: Master, manager, supervisor and basic users. Also one-time service code (3-6 digits)
  • Weatherproof -31˚ to +151˚F (-35˚ to +66˚C)
  • Relay may be programmed to energize on one or more selected events
  • 5AA Battery operated; 80,000 cycles, typ.
Data Transfer Module
Left -  Data Transfer Module accessory - Used  to transfer data between the lock and the PC.
Free Software
Laptop Connection
Right - You can also use a laptop with a special connection accessory to transfer data between the lock and PC without the need to use a Data Transfer Module. 

Door Closers a must!
The success of any electronic access control system is dependent on a doors ability to close and latch once an
Heavy Duty Door Closer
authorized person has passed through the door.  Doors left opened jeopardizes the buildings security by allowing unauthorized people to enter into the restricted space.  Installing the proper door closer on doors having  electronic access control on them will ensure that the door will close and latch once someone has passed through the opening.  When determining a budget for electronic access control system make allowances to include the cost for the installation of door closers where needed.

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