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The 16 most expensive materials in the world

16. Saffron - $11 per gram   
This spice is unique, combining fantastic taste and great health benefits. Its production process is highly time and effort consuming, but the flavor and healing properties of saffron are unequaled by any other spice. 
15. Gold - $56 per gram
The most well-known precious metal that no woman can supposedly do without. Gold has been worshipped from time immemorial, and all things beautiful are inevitably compared to it.
14. Rhodium - $58 per gram
A metal of the platinum group and an extremely rare one. To give you the big picture, let's say that one ton of earth crust contains about 0.001g of rhodium.
13. Platinum - $60 per gram
This is a rare and precious metal of a silvery steel color. Like gold, it's highly resistant to acids, alkali, and other compounds.

12. Methamphetamine - $100 per gram
This is what the protagonists of Breaking Bad were cooking. It's prohibited by law, and you'd do well if you don't see it in person. Ever.
11. Rhinoceros's horn - $110 per gram
The horns are valuable for their medicinal properties and as great knife handles. Because of poachers, poor rhinos are already on the verge of extinction.
10. Heroin - $130 per gram
An opiate that changes your perception. Once again, better you never see it for yourself. If the movies speak the truth, it's very hard to get, and that's probably why it's so expensive.
9. Cocaine - $236 per gram
A drug that costs a fortune yet won't do you any good whatsoever. This white crystal powder is a fatally dangerous narcotic. Its higher price, as compared to the one above, is explained by its 'purity' and naturalness.
8. LSD - $3,000 per gram
A psychoactive narcotic substance, and a very expensive delayed death. The manufacturing process of this semi-synthetic drug is quite difficult, which explains the cost.
7. Plutonium - $4,000 per gram
A heavy yet fragile radioactive metal of a silvery-white color. Its uses vary from production of nuclear weapons and fuel to a source of energy for spacecrafts.
6. Painite - $9,000 per gram
This stone is so rare that very few people actually know it exists. It's a mineral of an orange or reddish-brown color, and it was only discovered 65 years ago. There are just a couple hundred of these stones in the world today.
5. Taaffeite - $20,000 per gram or $4,000 per carat
A precious stone of a violet, pink, red, or white color. It is a million times rarer than diamonds, making it legendary. However, despite its uniqueness, it's not very popular when it comes to jewelry - and that's probably the reason why it's relatively inexpensive. 
4. Tritium - $30,000 per gram
This gas is used in lighting - for example, in tritium illumination. It costs about $15 million to produce a pound of tritium. 
3. Diamond - $55,000 per gram
The most famous precious stone on Earth, and the best friend of any lady.
2. Californium - $25-27 million per gram
The most expensive chemical element ever.    It has been synthesized only once since its discovery in 1950.
1. Antimatter - $62.5 trillion per gram
The most expensive substance on Earth. Production of one milligram of positrons costs about $25 million. In theory, we will be able to use antimatter as fuel for spacecrafts in the future. But the drawback today is that to make just one gram of it, all of mankind will have to work for about a year without rest.  
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 Holiday Security
  Like it or not the holidays are fast approaching!  Cold nip in the air, shopping, smells of our favorite foods cooking, relaxing with old and new friends, listening to holiday music, oh and one more thing, criminals are lurking!.  Nothing faster will take the holiday spirit out of you or your family than being a victim of a crime over the holiday season, Ho Ho Ho!  Not so funny when it happens to you. Nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. from November through December each year, according to the FBI. With a few simple steps and some awareness you can help avoid being the victim of these senseless holiday crimes. 
It's no secret to criminals that the odds of finding a Christmas tree in your home with gifts all around it is a good bet during the holiday season.  Many people like to display their Christmas tree in the front picture window of their home but to criminals its more like an advertisement saying shop here we got some good stuff; not a good idea.  Unfortunately many homes (400,000 U.S. homes between November and December, that's over 273 houses per hour or 6,557 per day.) will be broken into over the holiday season, so what can we do?
1. Get an monitored alarm system installed or if you have one make sure you use it.  You can call your alarm company and have them put the system on test so you can set it off to test it. Make sure your children understand how to arm and disarm the system if they are the first ones home.  If you have pets, there are pet motion detectors that allow the pets the run of the house and will not detect their movement but will detect human size movement quite well. 
2.  Windows are the weakest point in your home as the glass can easily be broken. Install window locks and anti-lift out  devices. These are typically easy to install.  Window security bars can be installed over your windows but they make your home look like a prison.  Homeowners typically install the bars in extreme situations only.  Also a properly installed alarm system will detect an intruder entering through a window.  You could opt to have glass break sensors added to your alarm system that detects breaking glass sounds that activates the alarm.    
3. Install double sided deadbolts (keyed on both sides) on your doors that have glass or a window next to the door.  Glass in doors and windows next to doors make it easy for criminals to break the glass and open the lock. Doors with only knob or lever locks can be easily pried open.  Deadbolts, on the other hand, offer double the locking security and require much more brute force to break in.  Equip each of your entry doors with a deadbolt, not just the high-traffic ones. Your home is only as secure as its most vulnerable entry point.  Another benefit of having double sided deadbolts installed on your doors is that if someone breaks in through a window they will typically need to exit by the same window because they cannot open the door from the inside without the key. This also limits what an intruder may be able to take.  The intruder will usually break the smallest window to keep the noise to a minimum.  One thing about double deadbolts; don't leave the key in the inside cylinder of the lock.  If you are leaving the home, remove the keys from the lock.  At night when you're sleeping for safety sake put the key back in the lock making it easier to exit in an emergency.
4. You may not be spending the holidays at home this year.  If you're traveling ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house.  A house that looks like no one is home is very inviting.  Make an appearance as if you are home.  Leave the lights on when you're away.  Set up lights on timers so they come on and off during the night time. Have a neighbor pick up the mail or newspaper or you can have delivery of the mail and newspaper stopped for the period of time your away.  You can also let your local Police Department know that you'll be away from your home over the holidays.  Make sure they know the details like, when you expect to return, that you've asked a neighbor to keep an eye on your house, the lights on timers, how many cars are in the driveway, on Wednesday afternoon the gardeners will be mowing the yards, etc.  Leave your contact information with the Police.
5. Holiday package deliveries have always been easy pickings for the thief.  Although UPS drivers are trained to leave packages in inconspicuous places where they cannot be seen from the street and out of the weather. it does not guarantee they will not be taken.  However they are other things you can consider.
   a.  Choose a shipping option that requires
        you to sign for delivery.
   b.  Check on the package's delivery status online
         so you can try to be home when it arrives.
    c.  Leave a note asking the delivery service to
        leave the package with a neighbor.
   d.  Have the package shipped to another location where
        someone can receive it, like your office or a friend's
   e.  Ask the delivery service to hold your package for   
        customer pick-up.
   f.  UPS is offering a service called My Choice, which will
       alert people by voicemail, text or e-mail when their
       package will be dropped off.  Here is a link to
File a theft report immediately if you think your package was stolen, and contact your credit card company to find out if it offers a purchase-protection service that might reimburse you for the stolen merchandise. 
6.  Avoid leaving packages exposed in your car while out shopping.  Put the packages in the trunk if you have one or if you have a SUV put them in the back and use the retracting cargo cover that is made to hide the contents stored in the back.  If these are not options for you take a blanket to cover purchases or put smaller packages on the back seat floor where it's hard to see what's down there.  During the holiday season most larger malls will hire extra security to patrol the parking lots. 
   a. At some malls, they have security people on the roofs (especially during the holiday season) with binoculars and when they  see something suspicious they radio to the ground patrol (usually riding bicycles) to investigate.
   b. Getting to the mall early to get close in parking will help keep criminals away from your car. Parking structures are a popular place for thieves, provided the structure does not have security cameras, to look into automobiles.  It's easier for them to conceal their activity.  Once they have your packages they look just l ike  everyone else walking to their cars carrying gifts.

    c. Once you have made your purchases, keep the receipt

with you and not in the bag with your merchandise.  If a thief is stopped and can show a receipt that they bought the merchandise its likely they will be let go.  If on the other hand they cannot produce a receipt its likely they will be detained and security will look around the area for cars that show a sign of being broken into if they suspect the merchandise was taken from a  parked car.   
7. Large retail stores will hire seasonal help to better serve their customers, but these temporary workers know that at the end of the holiday season that they will lose their job.  While most of these temporary workers are hardworking honest people there will be a few that are looking for more than just their paycheck.  They may take advantage of your credit card information.  If you hand someone your credit card to make a purchase that gives them the opportunity to collect the information on the card.  This is done by using an easily concealed credit card skimmer that will collect the information on your card so they can retrieve it at a later time. 
Handheld credit card skimmer
Even if they don't have your PIN number they can use your information to open other credit card accounts in your name in which to make charges.  Some purchases can be made using only your card number and the expiration date.  Other purchases will require the security code and/or a PIN number.  Reconcile your monthly statement to make sure all purchases are yours.  Report any errors immediately to your credit card company.  On some credit cards you can opt to be notified when a purchase goes over a specified amount.  When a purchase is over that amount you'll almost instantaneously get an email or text message saying that a purchase was made exceeding the dollar amount you specified.  It will also tell you the amount of the purchase. This is a quick way to correcting unauthorized charges and stopping any future unauthorized purchases. If you're sure its not your charge, call the credit card company immediately.   When setting a dollar amount keep in mind that anything under the dollar amount you set you will not be notified. This isn't a perfect way to be assured you'll catch someone charging to your credit card.  Ten $25.00 charges is $250.00 so check your credit card statement often. If you have access to your account online, check your account there to look for unauthorized charges.  Contact your credit card company for additional information.  I personally have a dollar amount set on my American Express Card and I got contacted with an $1,800.00 charge.  I called immediately, they investigated and captured the guy, he used my card to purchase some large custom made hanging banners to advertise his company!  Criminals are not normally known for their intelligence...and apparently their business sense!
8.  Report any suspicious person or persons hanging around your neighborhood.  People will pose as door to door salesmen offering some services, usually not a product.  They go house to house collecting information.  Did someone answer the door, is there a dog in the house, is there an alarm system they can see.  Sometimes they go through the neighborhood  more than once but at different times to see if anything has changed from the first time they went through.  This is all done to target a house for a potential robbery. Other criminals will follow a UPS truck into neighborhoods looking to see where they delivered the packages.  Once the UPS driver delivers the packages and drives away they make a quick grab of the packages he just delivered and beats it out of the neighborhood.  It's a reasonable risk for them!  They don't care too much if someone sees them because they don't plan to return to the neighborhood anytime soon.  Report any suspicious people in your neighborhood immediately and if you get a look at their car, give that description to the Police as well.  Once thieves sees that the neighborhood is being patrolled they will usually move on because they don't want to get caught, especially when there are so many other neighborhoods they can go to that aren't being patrolled.
9.  The way you decorate the outside of your home speaks volumes about the holiday spirit of the people who live there.  The fancy decorations, hundreds of lights, animation; you know the house and when they get done it's beautiful and a joy to look at!  Criminals see that and think to themselves if these people are decorating the outside of their house like this, than the inside of their house must be something spectacular too.  And spectacular in this case usually means money is involved.  And if they have money to spend on decorating to that extent than they have money to purchase nicer gifts.  So the house could become a bigger target than others in the neighbor. They're certainly not going to break in at night when all the attention is on the house, but in the daytime when you're away would be a good opportunity, especially if your home does not have an alarm system.  We're not indicating not to decorate but just be aware of the fact that your home could be more of a target than others in the area.  Just take the proper security precautions and all should be fine.  
10.  Most people enjoy the holiday seasons but we all get very busy and in a hurry.  Just be aware of your surroundings, try to slow down as much as possible, take breaks, and organize your thoughts.  Don't rush out of the house and leave the front door unlocked or the garage open, assign tasks to older children who can help you get things done.  Have your gifts wrapped at the stores, even amazon has a gift wrapping service. Above all make time for yourself to enjoy the deserve it!    
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Ted's Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving
Chopped host Ted Allen sees enough frantic cooking on his show. This Thanksgiving, he wants to help you keep your cool, so he shared his tips in his Food Network Magazine column.
Ah, here they are again, those holiday months in which millions of people who never, ever cook suddenly find themselves roasting birds the size of Labradors -- and accompanying them with 27 side dishes.

There is a good reason the Butterball people offer a toll-free lifeline for turkey emergencies this time of year. Once, while waiting to be on a talk show in Chicago, I met a woman who answers those cries for help and who finds it very fulfilling. "I'm the person who saves Thanksgiving!" she explained. To that, I might add, she's the person who saves lives. I'd like to join her this year with a few holiday-dinner survival tips of my own. Let's start with the most fundamental advice of all:

Thaw the darned turkey. In the refrigerator. Not on the counter. And especially not in the microwave, which is as ruinous as it is dangerous. Thawing a giant bird in the fridge takes days -- depending on the weight, as many as five -- but it's the best answer. Food-safety guidelines warn that harmful bacteria really start going to town on meat when it's at room temperature longer than two hours. Or . . .
Try a fresh turkey for a change. From a butcher. Yes, butchers still exist, and most stock never-frozen, free-range birds that are really flavorful. Remember to order ahead, as most butchers need at least a couple weeks' notice.

Beware of deep-frying. I'm not saying not to do it -- deep-fried turkey is a delicious Southern confection. But unfortunately, every holiday season, a startling number of poultry Rambos burn their decks, their houses, their pets or themselves trying to make one. It's so dangerous that Underwriters Laboratories won't put its UL product-safety logo on any turkey-frying kit, arguing that none is truly safe for home use. If you are frying this year, get a fire extinguisher and make sure you use an oil with a high smoking point, like canola or corn (never olive). And lower the turkey very slowly and carefully into the hot oil.

Innovate-but not too much. The holidays are about traditions. As such, they are not the time to throw the classics out the window. For my holidays, I expect a roast turkey, stuffing, deviled eggs and cranberry sauce. If you want to introduce some new wines or unusual additional side dishes, great. If you want to add ham or a beef roast to the party, terrific. But people are expecting the Holiday Greatest Hits.

Delegate. If you're overwhelmed, consider throwing a potluck. Not only does this spread the work around but it also allows other people to share in the culinary glory. Best of all, other cooks can introduce you to their specialties, which might then become new traditions in your home.
Plan and work ahead. Many holiday favorites can be made a day or two in advance without suffering: Stuffing and cranberry sauce come to mind. Speaking of stuffing, it sure is tasty when it's baked inside the bird, but many experts advise against this because it slows the turkey cooking time and raises safety concerns. The real deal-breaker for me is that the inside of a turkey is just too small to hold enough of it.
Deconstruct your bird. If you're nervous about cooking a giant flightless fowl, take the easy way out: Roast pieces instead. Buy a breast and as many legs as you want, and you can produce a platter of poultry much faster. Bonus: You can tell the kids that this year's turkey had seven legs. Try my Deconstructed Turkey recipe. Happy cooking, and happy holidays!

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