Volume 56 | May 21, 2022
"Keeping in Touch" Commemorates Memorial Day.

Hello, Tutors!
For many across the United States, Memorial Day represents the kickoff to summer. Cookouts and parades create a celebratory tone that often disguises the true meaning of this national holiday: a day of remembrance, honoring the proud men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our nation at home and abroad. This issue of Keeping In Touch provides a variety of resources – pdfs and live links - about this national holiday to use with your student.  
It’s no secret that volunteers are an invaluable part of our team at Literacy DuPage. You take time out of your weekly schedule to meet with your student and make a commitment to help your student improve their language skills. Your impact is direct and measurable. It opens more opportunities and choices for your student and their family. Thank you for volunteering and for finding value in helping others. 
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help with tutoring strategies. Be well and take care.
With gratitude and hope,

Your Tutor Support Specialist

Tutor Engagement
The Activity Packets, which resided on the LDP website, have been removed for updating. The revised packets will be called Resource Packets and will be uploaded in the near future. Watch for the announcement about their return!
Zoom announced on May 2nd that it has changed its policy regarding free and unlimited time for calls involving only 2 phone numbers. Now, all free Zoom calls are limited to a 40 minute maximum. Tutors who are using Zoom have reported that they meet with their student for the initial 40 minutes and take a 5-minute break. Using the original Zoom link, they reconnect for an additional 40 minutes.  
Tutors working with students, who are preparing for their naturalization interview, may want to visit the resource collection available on the Adult Learning Resource Center’s (ALRC) website for basic information:

These resources can be downloaded:

  • The Handbook for Citizenship Educators in Illinois
  • The Citizenship Resource Guide
  • Form N-400 Glossary

Contact me at cgarcia@literacydupage.org with any questions related to citizenship preparation. 
Resources for Your Student
Conversation Groups
Our 11 ESL Conversation Groups offer informal opportunities for intermediate and above level ESL students to practice their English conversational skills with other learners, who have the same goal to become more comfortable and proficient in everyday conversations. Click here for the list of Literacy DuPage in-person and virtual groups that are currently meeting. 

The Illinois Emergency Homeowner Assistance Fund is dedicated to assisting homeowners: https://www.illinoishousinghelp.org/ilhaf
Community Resources
DuPage Health Coalition announced the Health Benefits Program for Immigrant Adults (HBIA). Click here for English and Spanish.

DuPage Housing Authority opened the Housing Voucher Program on May 10. Check here and here for details.

CRIS is a DuPage County administered community resource information website, which provides directory and agency information which address basic needs. https://dupagecris.org/

For current Food Pantry and Pop Up Market locations for the Northern Illinois Food Bank: https://solvehungertoday.org/get-help/where-to-get-food/

Metropolitan Family Services hosts the Legal Aid Society for legal assistance: https://www.metrofamily.org/legal-aid-society/
Activities for Your Lessons
Choose some meaningful resources for your student.


Lesson Plans by Level
  • https://www.readingskills4today.com/memorialday
Need help? Reach out to Carol Garcia, your Tutor Support Specialist!