May 25, 2018
Yesterday, students celebrated a sunny commencement in Harvard Yard. The Mittal Institute asked two graduating students who have been involved with the Institute to reflect on their time at Harvard and their plans after graduation.
Harvard Doctoral Candidate Maung Nyeu used a grant from the Mittal Institute to publish and distribute his children's books in Bangladesh. This year, Nyeu's books represented the Chittagong Hill Tract in Bangladesh in a HGSE Commencement Tradition.
Three years ago, we launched the Jana Swasthya Project at the 2015 Kumbh Mela in Nashik and Trimbakeshwar, India. It was comprised of two components: a large-scale digital disease surveillance program, EMcounter, and a mass screening program for oral health, hypertension and diabetes offered to pilgrims, sadhus, security forces, and all visitors.
Are you from South Asia, the Middle East or Africa? Are you a current or recent undergraduate? Are you the first in your family to attend college? If so, Crossroads is a unique career development opportunity to spend nearly a week in Dubai, all expenses paid, learning from Harvard professors, alumni and local business leaders in September 2018. Apply now!
Over the summer, we will be sending out a biweekly newsletter, as many students and faculty head off to work, rest, and play until the Fall semester. If any current Harvard students, alum or faculty would like to write a blog about their summer research, please email
Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)-Madras and Bombay are partnering with Harvard University to
build "India’s first comprehensive database on infrastructure projects". The database will include real-time data updated by government bodies, and aims to increase transparency of infrastructure development in India.

As part of FIELD Global Immersion, a first year course at Harvard Business School designed to "strengthen and develop students' global intelligence", students traveled to New Delhi to engage with Clove Dental. This hands-on experience allowed students to conduct field research and pitch original ideas.
Yogi, mystic, and author Sadhguru joined Harvard Medical School professors Emery Brown, MD, PhD , and Nicholas D. Schiff, MD, PhD, to discuss the effects of anesthesia on brain, mind, and consciousness.
Graduate students at Harvard Kennedy School independently produced a report for the US State Department analyzing the effects of unaffordable loans given to economically vulnerable countries such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan by China, and the subsequent leverage of this power.
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 from 6 - 7:30 pm, India International Centre, New Delhi, India
This seminar will discuss how political reservation in favor of Scheduled Castes (SC) in Bihar affects inequality in private wealth and access to public goods. It presents preliminary research and findings of public good access across all of Bihar’s 45,000 villages and analyses data on private wealth for over 2 crore rural households across the state.
The Mittal Institute grant recipient Anne Shrestha shares her experience carrying out research in Nepal after the major earthquake in 201 5. " The severity of the electricity crisis is currently amplified by the fuel shortage. With LPG cooking gas only available to the politically connected, people have restored to electric cookers...even urban households have resorted to cooking with firewood."