A UW-Madison Diversity Update | Edition No. 12   June 17, 2019
Another 255 UW-Madison Scholars Reach Their Graduation Goal
Dear friends, colleagues and community,

The  joy of commencement  never gets old, especially when it is shared with those who can report that life beyond graduation is good -- very good.  

The talent represented by this year's  255 graduates  is more incredible than ever. Among them are stories of  inspiration, like those of Posse scholar  Stefanie Henry  and First Wave scholar  Tiffany Ike , who demonstrate the amazing drive and reality-based connectedness of our future professionals, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs.  They've made an indelible impact on their families and communities, they've influenced our programs and campus, and they will change our world for the better.  
One of our own, who forged an uncommon path to success, former Powers-Knapp Scholar Diem Van Groth ('94),  inspired graduates with his message at our celebration ceremony. Then 2019 Outstanding Alumni of Color Honoree  Linda Pitts ('78)  urged graduates to be proud and engaged Badger alumni.  

You can share our joy for our programs' graduates online at  go.wisc.edu/ddeealive. Graduating class photos from each program can be found on our  website and we've posted more photos on our  Facebook page.
Noting Our Milestones and Anniversaries
As the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement nears its 10th anniversary, actionable steps from the Diversity Framework are converging to fulfill the insightful intent of the framework's community of authors.  
The UW-Madison Leadership Learning Communities for Institutional Change and Excellence ( LCICE ) program celebrated the  20th anniversary  of the Leadership Institute on May 17. The Leadership Institute and other LCICE programs fulfill one of the six priorities in UW-Madison's  Campus Strategic Framework , to "Enhance diversity in order to ensure excellence in education and research."
Fulfilling the Diversity Framework
Four UW-Madison faculty members have been selected to make up the second cohort of  Diversity Liaisons  to participate in the provost's Diversity Liaison Project.

The  Diversity Liaison Project  provides a hands-on approach to helping create an educational environment that is conducive to everyone's best learning and professional advancement.  
The project meets the goal set forth in the university's  Diversity Framework , which states that campus leaders "provide models of inclusive behavior, exemplify rhetoric in practice, and demonstrate their sincerity in the belief that inclusive diversity is our path to excellence." 

During the summer UW-Madison's campus is alive with PEOPLE precollege scholars and other youth programs. They are reminder to keep planning and preparing because fall is already in the air. 
Campus Events and Announcements
Leadership Institute celebrates 20 years

More than 120 members of the Leadership Institute gathered to celebrate the  20th anniversary  of the Leadership Institute on Friday, May 17, in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. Read the story on the Leadership Institute's impact.
As a young and newly-minted alum  Linda Pitts   started going to Wisconsin Alumni Association Chicago Club events and - most importantly - participating. Pitts was honored as the DDEEA 2019 Outstanding Alumni of Color May 10. 
Gloria Hawkins, Ph.D.,
retiring after 41 years 

After 41 years on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and 34 years of continuous service,  Gloria Hawkins , assistant vice provost in the  DDEEA   and director of the  Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program , is retiring this summer.