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Norm Wooten
AASB Executive Director
Lori Grassgreen
Alaska ICE Director
Pete Hoepfner
AASB Board President
Increasing Academic Success for Alaska Native Students
Why single out Alaska Native students for special attention? 2015 DEED statistics show 31,143 Alaska Native students with a 37.6% dropout rate.
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A Holistic Approach to Trauma and Resiliency
25% of children nationally will experience a traumatic event, and Alaska youths experience trauma at much higher rates. 2 out of 3 AK adults report adverse childhood experiences.
Commissioner Heidi Drygas Labor & Workforce Development
CTE Programs Help Prepare All Students for Success
You may be wondering, "Why is the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development writing a guest column in a school board newsletter?" The answer is simple: we must ensure that our secondary and post-secondary education systems prepare all students for success, and not just the minority of students who easily transition to traditional four year degree programs. Read More
March is Music in Our Schools Month. ASD Schools are a Note Above!

By Tam Agouti-Gisler, ASD Board President and Bruce Wood, ASD Director of Music & Fine Arts
At any one time, two of every three Anchorage School District (ASD) students are enrolled in a music class, elementary through high school. ASD has one of the highest percentages of volunteer enrollment in elementary beginning band and orchestra in the nation, at 92% of all elementary 6 th graders!
Rate Your Tech Director 
Does your IT department support the needs of students and teachers? Drive innovations to raise academic achievement? Enable new technologies?  Take Poll  
Last Month's Poll Results:
Does Your Bandwidth Support Your Goals?
1. Digital learning is crucial to my district's instructional goals. Yes: 100%
2. My district has adequate bandwidth to pursue our instructional goals. No: 100%
Policy Updates Coming!
Subscribers to our Policy Updates and Policy Online services will be receiving updates in mid-March. We're also excited to offer a new self service model that streamlines policy updating. 
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Your Guide to Lobbying the Alaska Legislature
Learn how school board members can effectively communicate with lawmakers. Get your copy today!
What does it mean to censure a board member?   
When would a board take such action? What boards can do when it comes time to reprimand or "censure" a board member.  
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Special No-Cost Half-Day CTE Event Featured at Spring Fly-In
Photo courtesy
Mat Su school district
After all the positive comments we received from Commissioner Drygas' CTE presentation at the February Fly-In, we're adding a special no-cost half-day CTE event to the Spring Fly-In. On Friday, March 31, the day before our Fly-In officially begins, we've teamed with the Dept. of Labor and DEED to roll out an entire afternoon focused on Career Technical Education (CTE). Learn More & Register for Fly-In
Top 10 Things Superintendents Need to Know About Ed Tech
Now that most functions of a school network can be managed remotely, and devices and apps are easily updated by teachers, the Tech Director's role is rapidly being downsized. A staff member with moderate technical skills, mentored by an offsite contract service provider, can be a lower cost alternative for many districts that wasn't an option in the past. Here are ways to refocus your district's tech support directly on the needs of the classroom.
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District Innovations and Efficiencies Featured on 'Gavel Alaska' TV
To demonstrate to legislators how school districts are embracing innovation and finding new ways to deliver instruction more efficiently, AASB, in collaboration with nine school districts and the Alaska Superintendents Association, has produced a series of 30 second TV announcements airing statewide on Gavel Alaska during the legislative session.
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