April 10, 2019
Comments on Draft 2020 Qualified Action Plan
The Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) is preparing a draft of the 2020 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) and in lieu of holding an open forum meeting, we are soliciting your input via email.
Any comments are appreciated but specifically, IFA is soliciting feedback on the following areas:

  1. Set-Asides;
  2. Application System, Process, Pre-Application and Timeline;
  3. Underwriting: Funding Sources and Soft funds, Average Income Test and Unit Cost Caps;
  4. Scoring: Opportunity Zones; and
  5. Construction Costs
Please send your comments to the Housing Tax Credit team by 4:30 p.m., Wednesday April 17, 2019.
The following is IFA's approximate timeline for the 2020 QAP:
June - Draft 2020 QAP approved by the IFA Board
July - Public comment period (min. 20 days) and Public Hearing
August - IFA reviews comments and develops final QAP
August - Final 2020 QAP approved by the IFA Board