Tropical Storm Isaias Delays Access
The Kiawah Island Community Association continues to monitor Tropical Storm Isaias as it nears the South Carolina coast. Currently, the National Hurricane Center forecasts the storm will make landfall in the northern part of the state tonight as a hurricane, bringing with it strong winds and heavy rainfall.

KICA facilities, such as the Livability and Commercial Pass offices, closed today at 12 p.m. However, you are still be able to access the island to secure job sites. See the information below for site requirements prior to a storm. Please wrap up your preparations and exit the island, as we are beginning to see rainfall from the storm.

Due to the potential for debris, commercial access on Tuesday, August 4 will be delayed to begin at 10 a.m. to allow for the cleanup of island roads.

All builders, contractors, sub-contractors and others with equipment or materials on a job site are now required to secure their work sites in preparation for severe weather and for the protection of the public and yourself.

Your storm preparations will include:
  • Emptying or covering dumpsters
  • Securing all scaffolding
  • Removing, or securing, all building materials and construction equipment
  • Postponing any scheduled material or equipment deliveries
  • Alerting sub-contractors of their responsibility to secure or remove their materials or equipment
  • In hurricane conditions we recommend turning off power to any temporary electric service, circuit breakers, and/or homes under construction

In general, always keep job sites clean, arrange for timely pick up of trash dumpsters, and only keep materials on the job site that you will use within seven days. Keep construction equipment secured, or remove it from the job site. Once you are aware of an impending storm, please follow preparation guidelines listed above.

Construction debris can injure people and cause severe damage to property. We appreciate your cooperation as we make the island storm-ready and safer for our members and visitors.
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