When REALTORS® Vote, We All Win
Election day is drawing near and we encourage you to look at the ballot in advance. The November 6 ballot is the longest in St. Louis County history and there are a variety of statewide and local issues this election, in addition to the candidate races.

We expect the lengthy ballot - and high voter turnout - to cause a line at the voting booth. Don't be discouraged - please vote!

Missouri REALTORS® have endorsed Proposition D and encourage you to vote YES on D .

Find your polling place and see your sample ballot here . Vote in the General Election on November 6!
STLCDS Offers The RIGHT Benefits
By now, you should be very familiar with St. Louis Commercial Data Systems. We're happy to report that more and more St. Louis area commercial practitioners are subscribing to this valuable tool ... you should subscribe too! The platform is user-friendly and subscription prices are very affordable.

To preview the great benefits of STLCDS, click below.  
2019 Commercial Dues Renewal – Coming Soon!
Dues renewal notices should be in your mail box by the first week of December.

Continue to be one of the 600+ commercial brokers who utilize their Commercial Division services to expand their knowledge and grow their business in the St. Louis commercial real estate market. Invest in yourself and your business!   Find out why it pays to be a member!  
Leases, Contracts & Forms - Fair, Balanced and Brief!
In order to improve St. Louis REALTORS® commercial forms the Task Force is currently reviewing and revising approximately 15 commercial documents.

By improving St. Louis REALTORS® commercial forms, we hope more commercial practitioners will take advantage of this member benefit.

We welcome your suggestions! Contact Tracey Yost, Director of Professional Development at tyost@stlrealtors.com .

Click here to access St. Louis REALTORS® Contracts and Forms. (User ID = First and Last Name. Password = NRDS number)
2019 Policy Agenda 
St. Louis REALTORS® Advocacy Committee recently recommended local legislative policy which will go before the St. Louis REALTORS® Board of Directors for their approval. Included in the policy is St. Louis City - County Unification.

The Association supports regional government reform through the consolidation of
 St. Louis City and St. Louis County , the streamlining of service provision throughout St. Louis and the development of more consistent business regulations. 

We support the creation of a local government structure which delivers services throughout the region in an equitable fashion and that will support business and commerce by removing artificial barriers and constraints. 

For the economic outlook of the region, it is important the St. Louis metropolitan area be accurately ranked on national statistic reports highlighting our regions safety, health, wealth and strong ability to address regional issues.
St. Louis REALTORS® Commercial Division - Keeping our members informed!              
Questions about your commercial membership? Contact: Margo Colestock, Director of Commercial Services & Events at mcolestock@stlrealtors.com or 314-590-2309.

Commercial membership provides complimentary CE, broadcast email exchange,
contracts & forms, advocacy on public policy and business networking opportunities.