2018 has been a very active one for St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® Board of Directors. We are pleased with the numerous accomplishments that STLCR has made for the overall improvement of benefits for our members. 

We are proud to announce that Commercial Forms, Contracts and Leases have been revised and updated with current business practices and appropriate disclosures. The contracts and leases are fair, balanced and succinct - allowing for a more significant and convenient business transaction for our membership. The newly approved forms will be available on St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® website at through FormsRUs .

Additionally, with the bankruptcy of Xceligent in December 2017, many of our members were left without a commercial database source. St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® , through its wholly owned subsidiary organization,   has been very successful in 2018 in launching St. Louis Commercial Data Systems (STLCDS ) , the robust and competitive, commercial data listing and research platform powered by Catylist, to fill this critical need for many of our members. Catylist is a leading provider of commercial information exchange systems, nationwide, in over 50 markets.

There were over 18 Continuing Education Classes provided “free of charge” to our members with all classes solely orientated around the commercial real estate practice. Additionally, the Commercial Division is geared up for 2019 to offer classes for Illinois licenses.

As always, we will continue our Advocacy efforts for the commercial real estate industry, both locally and state wide. Our group was very active defeating and challenging municipal regulation and policies that run counter to our commercial real estate practice.

It has been an honor serving St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® as the 2018 President and I look forward to what 2019 has in store for the Commercial Division and it members!

Happy Holidays & a Successful Year!

Mike Hejna, CCIM
2018 President, St. Louis Commercial REALTORS®
As we head into 2019, it will be an important year for the commercial real estate community as we continue to enhance services offered to our St. Louis Commercial membership as well as advocate for policy that benefits our association.

It is extremely important to have a competitive commercial industry database option for all commercial brokers in the St. Louis marketplace which we now have with the St. Louis Commercial Data Systems (STLCDS) powered by Catylist . We will be focused on ensuring that Catalyst remains a long-term, viable solution for our community of St. Louis Commercial REALTORS to utilize and reference as their commercial data listing resource.  

The St. Louis Commercial industry continues to face challenges associated with over 88 municipalities in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. This issue costs our region an additional $750 Million, annually, which is holding us back in terms of growth compared to other cities in the Midwest. We will continue to advocate for municipal consolidation, promote policies that keep St. Louis competitive on the global map, and increase job opportunities for the entire St. Louis metropolitan area.  

I look forward to serving you as the 2019 Commercial Division President. Happy New Year!"

Carl Day, Jr., CCIM
2019 President, St. Louis Commercial REALTORS®
We are excited to share the 2019 Policy Agenda of St. Louis REALTORS® . The Advocacy Committee and the Board of Directors have approved the local legislative agenda for the next year, with one policy priority and a variety of policy positions to address local issues that impact REALTORS®. Please reach out to us about issues you are facing with St. Louis City, County, or any of the municipalities in our area.

Missouri historic tax credits were modified in this year’s legislative session. The credits available were reduced from a $140 million cap to a $90 million cap. In addition to the $90 million the Department of Economic Development shall issue up to $30 million in additional credits to be used in census tracts with a 20% or higher poverty rate. This was the best compromise that could be achieved. Had we defeated that compromise, the issue would have surfaced again in the 2019 session and with the changes in the Senate ... the result would have been much worse. 

Low income housing tax credits were not discussed in the 2018 session; Governor Greitens’ appointees to the MHDC were able to stop any credits for 2018 so it did not seem reasonable to deal with the issue during the session. Governor Parson has said that he is interested in seeking some reasonable reforms to the system and if that occurs we believe that credits will once again be issued. We expect this to be addressed in the 2019 legislative session in Jefferson City.
Please be advised that effective December 31, 2018 the St. Louis Commercial Broadcast Email System will cease to operate! 

Consider investing in St. Louis Commercial Data Systems as your premier commercial industry data listing and research platform.
Median gross annual income for commercial real estate practitioners who are members of NAR hit an all-time high of $150,700 in 2017, up from $120,900 in 2016. The median sales transaction volume in 2017 was $3,870,500, up from $3,500,000. Data is from the 2018 Commercial Member Profile .
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Heavy Hitters Nomination Applications coming soon!
From all of us at St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® ... we wish you Happy Holidays and a very successful 2019!  
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