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November 2017 Newsletter

There is an army arising that will trumpet the truth and love of the Gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation. What a glorious time we are living in where men, women, and children are heeding the call to go and positioning themselves to bring in the harvest. 

We all have a mountain and sphere of influence that the Lord has given us to steward. Over the last few months, we've seen so many empowered in their identity and purpose, so that they can confidently join God's army on the "Frontlines."

Here are some of our recent happenings . . .

Operation Prayer Strike    
During the month of September, a team of prayer warriors came together to see transformation in SE Asia.

This team gathered in Cambodia for times of intercessory teaching and prayer outreaches, traveling to 4 different, gateway cities within the nation. 

While in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Poipet, and Sihanoukville, they ministered and collectively prayed over the land, railways, sea, and at-risk communities.  

Highways of holiness and Kingdom government was established, as they contended for the destinies of individuals and nations. Wow - what a powerful team!

Get on the Frontlines!     
This month we hosted our first ever men, women, children, and seniors on the frontlines outreach, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was truly history making, as generations and genders converged for His glory!

For one week, we linked arms with some of God's finest in prayer, worship, teachings, and outreach ministry - where event attendees were positioned into their frontline ministry. Whether ministering as a stay at home mom, teacher, business professional, missionary, or preacher  . . . God has called each one to join His army on the frontlines.  It was such a joy to see God stirring within each one desires, passion, and purpose.

You are never too young or old for a mission trip.

So many attending were reestablished in their identity and aligned in destiny. They were inspired and encouraged personally, as well as powerfully used to minister to the Cambodian people and communities.  Please continue to pray for the fruit that was established in hearts and cities. So many were touched by the love of Jesus.

This beautiful Cambodian woman just gave her life to Jesus! She had never before recognized His voice but when the team prayed she saw a white path and eventually stood on the path.  Jesus then appeared and told her He was the one true way.  At that moment, she was compelled to follow Him! Wahoo!! 
Banquet of His Love        
Nearly 50 at-risk, prostituted, or formerly trafficked women were commissioned to go at our Woman on the Frontlines Banquet of His Love. 

Women from poor and vulnerable backgrounds were all treated by our Frontlines team with an all you can eat buffet and lavished with gifts and special testimonies of His love. 
Banquet2 Banquet3     
At the end of the ceremony, they were anointed with oil and crowned with tiaras.  Many heard of their worth and value for the first time and others were reestablished in their identity and calling.  

During the meal time, an all you can eat buffet was prepared to represent God's unending love and banqueting table.  Our team took turns serving the ladies, sharing corporately and at dinner tables, and hearing hearts.  It truly was a feast of His love.      
A New Name    
Throughout Bible history many people and places were named and renamed to solidify Kingdom purpose and identity.  Today, the same is true. There is so much power and authority given in the establishment of a name. 

For years our XP Children's House has provided a safe place for formerly trafficked or exploited children. It is a beautiful home, providing hope and healing to so many in need.  But, over the last while, we've felt the name of the home, "XP Children's House", did not fully describe the vision of the project.

Last month, the Lord confirmed a new name for the home. Now newly named, "Bithaiah's House," the home will function in the same operational manner but is now reestablished through a name that details more clearly the vision and purpose of this special restoration project.

Named after the Egyptian princess (Bithaiah), who rescued Moses (a child at-risk) from the banks of the river, so too Bithaiah's House seeks to restore overlooked, Cambodian children.

Children with disabilities are often misunderstood and culturally can be considered less valuable. As a result, they are often at-risk for trafficking and other forms of abuse. Bithaiah's House is a safe place for kids that have been trafficked or have undergone extreme sexual abuse or exploitation and also have a physical or intellectual handicap.
BH3 BH4   

For more information on Bithaiah's House: http://www.xpmissions.com/operation-justice-childrens-homes/

To donate to a child in Bithaiah's House: https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/xpministries/donation.jsp?campaign=10           

Thank you for responding to the call to "go!"  Through your prayers, financial gifts, on-ground partnership, kingdom purchases, and BAV events, you are "going" into all the world with His love. Thank you for doing your part on the frontlines.

Much Love and Blessings!  
Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 
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