Commissioner Noack seeks to send $22 million in CARES Act funding to local school districts
Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack is looking to send roughly $22 million from the county’s CARES Act funds to local school districts to help offset the burden and costs associated with keeping our children safe during the pandemic. There is roughly $72 million left in CARES Act funds according to an official speaking in Commissioners Court on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

“We are thankful for the great partnership with Montgomery County [and] these additional funds will allow us to continue doing all we can to keep our students safe, our staff safe, and our schools open,” said Conroe ISD Superintendent Curtis Null. “We will continue our mission of hiring more healthcare professionals and custodial staff to keep our campuses safe. There is an ever present need to purchase additional PPE and cleaning supplies. We will also be able to invest in more technology to help bridge the digital divide for students in need. The support of Commissioners Court is both appreciated and well timed.”  

Commissioner Noack is looking to reimburse Conroe ISD, Montgomery ISD, Willis ISD, Magnolia ISD, Splendora ISD and New Caney ISD at a rate of up to $200 per student.

“I believe it is in the best interest of our students and the taxpayers to use this money specifically for COVID-19 related expenses, as it was intended,” Commissioner Noack said. “There is no better use of these dollars than protecting the bright future of our children.”

ISD Certified Enrollment numbers as of Oct. 30:

  • Conroe ISD: 64,382
  •  Montgomery ISD: 8,987
  • Willis ISD: 7,170
  • Magnolia ISD: 13,051
  • Splendora ISD: 4,122
  • New Caney ISD: 16,059

TOTAL: 113,771 X $200/person = $22,754,200

Commissioner Noack has placed this item to be voted on during the Tuesday, Nov. 17 Commissioners Court Agenda.
Precinct 3 welcomes Ronda Trow as Director of Government Affairs 
Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack is pleased to announce the addition of Ronda Trow as Director of Government Affairs to the Precinct 3 team.

“Ronda brings over 20 years of experience in community involvement and governmental affairs,” Commissioner Noack said. “I am looking forward to her expanding relationships with our constituents, other community leaders and governmental entities.”

In her role as Director of Government Affairs Ronda will take her experience and knowledge of the County and use it to increase the value of the Precincts interactions with the community. She will accomplish this by establishing strategic partnerships with homeowner associations, cities, municipal utility districts, local nonprofit organizations, economic development cooperation, and chamber of commerce.

Ronda is a lifetime resident of Montgomery County and understands the importance of strong relationships and the value it will bring to the residents of Precinct 3. She has been married to her husband Kevin for twenty-five years and they have two sons.
Montgomery County Emergency Alert and Notifications System
AlertMCTX is the official emergency notification system used by Montgomery County 9-1-1 to communicate with residents during emergencies. Sign up now to receive free alerts via text message, email, voice message or social media.

To sign up for AlertMCTX click here.

What is Alert MCTX?
Alert MCTX provides mass notification to residents in the event of an emergency through telephone calls, text messages, and/or emails.

What should I do if I receive an alert from Alert MCTX?
If you receive a message, listen or read carefully. Follow the instructions given. You may be directed to a commercial TV or radio station for further information. Do not hang up until you have heard the entire message or you may miss important information. Do not call 9-1-1 for further information unless directed to do so. You will only tie up the emergency lines.

How does Alert MCTX determine what phone numbers to dial?
Public safety agencies have the authority to use all known landline telephone numbers and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers for ENS calls including confidential telephone numbers. Citizens can also register to receive alert messages via cell phone calls, text messages and e-mails. 

Why you may not receive an alert?
Alert MCTX uses a database of known landlines and VoIP numbers. As communication technology has evolved, one central database is not available for all of the options of receiving phone calls or written messages. Cell phone numbers, some VoIP numbers, and other numbers from other types of service not associated with traditional telephone service providers, will not be in the database. Also, multiple telephone numbers associated with one central system may not be contacted. These types of phones must be registered separately.

What are some of the uses for Alert MCTX?
The primary use is to notify residents of an immediate emergency. It can be used to define an area for evacuation or "shelter in place" notifications for incidents such as a hazardous material spill or a major gas leak. It can also be used to direct residents to a specific TV or Radio station for further important details and instructions. It may alert residents to shelters during weather or power emergencies. Alerts can also be used to notify residents to watch for a lost child, an impaired individual who has walked away, or dangerous individuals that may be in the area.

Who pays for Alert MCTX?
Montgomery County 9-1-1 assumes the cost for emergency notifications and partners with the public safety agencies in the county to use the system as needed.

Is Alert MCTX the only means of notification?
No. Alerts cannot reach everyone and is only a part of the notification process. Alternative methods of alerting the public include social media, NOAA weather radio, and traditional media (radio and television). 

Alert MCTX:
  • Listen Carefully
  • Follow Instructions
  • Don't hang up until you hear the whole message
  • DO NOT call 9-1-1 unless instructed

Questions about Alert MCTX can be directed to the Montgomery County Emergency Communications District at 936-523-5911.
Road Project Updates
Grogan’s Mill Road and South Millbend Drive Intersection Project progressing

Project update: Contractor Teamworks has completed the additional left-turn lane from northbound Grogan’s Mill Drive onto South Millbend as well as the additional left-turn-lane storage from westbound South Millbend onto southbound Grogan’s Mill Drive. In addition, the right-turn-lane improvements on northbound Grogan’s Mill and westbound South Millbend have been completed. The contractor previously completed in the concrete work in the middle of the intersection. The foundations for the new signal poles also have been poured. The signal contractor also is busy placing fiber for the new traffic signals.

In the coming weeks, the additional left-turn lanes on southbound Grogan’s Mill and eastbound South Millbend will be completed, with final right-turn-lane improvements at those two locations to follow. New signal poles and the pedestrian poles will start to be installed by the end of the month. 

The project started at the end of September and is a 90-calendar day project.

Project Scope: This project will create additional turn-lane storage by constructing a double turn lanes for traffic on:

1.     Northbound Grogan’s Mill turning onto westbound South Millbend
2.     Southbound Grogan’s Mill turning onto eastbound South Millbend
3.     Eastbound South Millbend turning onto northbound Grogan’s Mill

In addition, right-turn-lane improvements will be made throughout the intersection.
Signal locations have been redesigned for this project, which will include concrete median removal as well as additional pavement. The project will require rerouting some intersection traffic during the project.
Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive Improvements east of Grand Parkway getting underway

Project Update: The Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive road widening, intersection improvement and signalization project started last month. D&W Contractors has started excavating at the west end of the project heading east toward Birnham Woods Drive, clearing a path for the two new lanes of traffic. Storm sewer, stabilizer and concrete work will commence in the coming weeks starting on the west side of the project.

Scope of project: The project will widen Rayford Road to four lanes from approximately 40 feet east of Waterbend Cove to approximately 400 feet east of Birnham Woods Drive. A new concrete roadway will be constructed on the south side of the existing Rayford Road lanes to create the two new eastbound lanes. The existing road will be for the two westbound lanes along that stretch.

The construction includes an additional bridge for eastbound Rayford Road traffic just east of Spring Trails Park Drive.

The project also involves constructing a traffic signal at the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods intersection and widening Birnham Woods Drive to four lanes from approximately 600 feet north of Rayford Road to approximately 600 feet south of Rayford Road. All four Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection approaches will have a dedicated left-turn lane.

Contract length: 360 calendar days
Intersection improvement projects
Signalization of the Cochran’s Crossing Drive at Bay Branch Drive intersection

Project Update: Project has been completed.

Project Scope: This signalized intersection design is similar to Branch Crossing at Terramont. It includes a right-turn lane from southbound Cochran’s Crossing onto Bay Branch, as well as a left-turn lane from northbound Cochran’s Crossing onto Bay Branch.
Signalization of the New Trails Drive at Technology Forest Boulevard intersection

Project Update: The traffic signal has been placed in flash (blinking red) and will be fully operational this coming week. All pavement work and striping has been completed, including the new crosswalk and ramps on the south side of the intersection. Sod was placed and hydro seed will follow.

Project Scope: In addition to the traffic signal, eastbound and westbound Technology Forest was widened to allow for a right-turn-only lane and a straight or left-turn lane in both directions. There also is a crosswalk now on the south side of the intersection, crossing New Trails Drive and connecting the pedestrian pathways.
Signalization, crosswalk and turn-lane improvements
Rayford Road guard fence replacement

The section of the metal beam guard fence along the Rayford Road curve by Legends Run and Fox Run that was damaged in a vehicle crash will be replaced and align with the new metal beam guard fence installed during the Rayford Road widening project along the road.

The replacement MBGF, which has been ordered, will extend all the way to Legends Reach.

Per the traffic report and witnesses, the vehicle was traveling westbound on Rayford Road at a high rate of speed, clipped another vehicle and exited Rayford Road by Legends Reach prior to entering the curve. The vehicle knocked over a speed limit sign/pole, two flashing directional arrow signs/poles, damaged the guardrail in a few locations before slamming into the metal beam guard fence, bouncing off the rail and coming to a stop in the grass between Rayford Road and the existing guard rail.

Replacement should start by early December.
Flintridge Drive Sewer Line work

The Woodlands Water Agency is currently replacing approximately 200 feet of sewer line that runs parallel to the eastbound lane of Flintridge Drive between the George Mitchell Preserve access and Rush Haven Drive.

Traffic lanes have been shifted to allow more work room on along the shoulder but still enable two-way traffic through the work zone. This is not a Precinct 3 project.
Precinct 3 crews hard at work!
Between October 15 and November 12, Precinct 3 crews have received and completed 452 work orders. These are your tax dollars hard at work.

Not only can you now use the P3 Works mobile application to submit a work order, but we have created an online desktop version as well that you can access straight from your desktop PC. Click the link below to submit a work order today!
Striping improvements
Precinct 3 continues to restripe roads.

Recent restriping projects:

  • Shadowbend (From West Panther Creek to Research Forest Drive)

  • Falconwing Drive (From Woodlands Parkway to Lake Woodlands Drive)

  • Research Forest Drive (Grogan’s Mill Road to Kuykendahl Road) -- Ongoing
Crack seal projects
  • Research Forest Drive (Grogan’s Mill Road to Kuykendahl Road) – Nearing Completion

More striping, crack seal and asphalt road repair/overlay projects across the precinct will continue.
County Closures
Thanksgiving Day
Montgomery County offices will be closed Thursday Nov. 26 and Friday Nov. 27 in observance of Thanksgiving Day.
Precinct 3
Precinct 3 Projects
Now on the Precinct 3 website, you can see the breakdown of every road bond project, including the estimated cost, engineering firm and progress. We also added information for other major projects and road improvements, such as striping.
What do we do?
How does Precinct 3 serve you? We put together a video to show you all of the services provided by Precinct 3.
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