A Bi-Monthly News Roundup from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Vol. 16 | No. 5
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Commissioner Quarles visits with county clerks to kick off Ag Tag season
“Without our county clerks the Ag Tag Program wouldn’t be as successful as it is,” Commissioner of Agriculture Dr. Ryan Quarles said. “For years, people renewing their farm license plates have been given the opportunity to donate to the Ag Tag fund. Millions have been donated during that time and our youth are the ones benefiting.”
Kentucky woman recognized for contributions to family farm

“I’m our beef marketer and salesperson,” Tonya Cherry said, noting her farm had never sold its beef directly to the public.
Shortage in large-animal vets
creates issues for Ky. livestock

"It is a persistent disadvantage to our producers because Kentucky is a livestock state," Commissioner Quarles said.
Child-sized rollover tractor
on display at farm show

Elizabeth Gordon, KDA director of education and outreach, shows the dangers of not using safety equipment.
Kentucky farm fact

More than 860,000 swine are raised annually in Kentucky, where pork sales make up 2.5 percent of total agriculture cash receipts. The sale of market hogs and pigs brought Kentucky farmers $170.24 million in 2021, up 33.3 percent from the previous year.
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