Take advantage of the latest developments in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery:  
* laser skin rejuvenation
* "no down time" PRP hair treatments   
*  laser facial & body procedures, with no general anesthesia and short recovery times   
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THE CENTER FOR COSMETIC SURGERY is Washington DC's premier center for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and aesthetic laser procedures. 

We pride ourselves in providing natural results and  
an exclusive experience that goes beyond your expectations.

Dr. Hopping brings years of experience, innovation, cutting-edge technology
and the highest level of skill to cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Our Results Speak for Themselves...

Results may vary.

What Our Patients Say Matters Most...  
"Dr. Hopping performed a face and neck lift that was superb, natural, undetectable... looking at least a decade younger."   
~ Louise
"I'm thrilled with my experience and recommend Dr. Hopping wholeheartedly."  ~ Alan  
Dr. Hopping is the best plastic surgeon in the Washington DC area. He's very professional, kind and very skillful. Highly recommended!"  ~ Ann 

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