After our session this morning with Scott Peterson we are adding one more item to the pledge. He clarified that we should be "asking all buyers and sellers if they are sick or have been sick before showings." Please use the updated marketing materials in this email. If you missed this mornings Wednesday Q &A you can watch it by clicking the button below.
After hearing concerns from neighbors in the community, we have put together a “Safe Showing Pledge” marketing campaign to share all the extra precautions taken for showing properties by following the state “safer at home” guidelines. Watch the video above to learn more about it.
These guidelines ensure to protect the Vail Valley and Buyers and Sellers. Showing that we care and the REALTOR® value is an important message. We have images created for you to share in your marketing, on your social media, and a Facebook profile image frame that says, “I’m committed to the safe showing pledge:.”
Join us in sharing with our neighbors your commitment to the “Safe Showing Pledge.”
We encourage you to promote your commitment in your marketing and on social media. We'll be posting two graphics on Facebook and Instagram. You're welcome to share them on your own page.

Also, two special Facebook frames are available for you to use on your profile photo.
Instructions to download a frame:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. Hover over your Profile Photo (the smaller circular or square photo on your page)
  3. Click “Update” when it appears
  4. Choose “Add a Frame”
  5. You can search by name for a frame. Our frames are titled “VBR Safe Showing Yellow” and “Vail Board Safe Showing Blue”
  6. Choose your frame. While in preview, you can adjust your Profile Photo, or even choose a different photo.
  7. Important! Click “Use as Profile Photo” to save. You can also choose how long you want to use the frame. 
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