Action Required: Commitment Form
Distance Learning • On-Campus Learning
Dear Meridian families,

Thank you for partnering with Meridian School on your child's education. We miss seeing you and your students every day in person, and we have worked hard to create return to school options with everyone's health and safety at top of mind.

Our teachers, principals, and administrative staff have spent countless hours studying return-to-school plans across the country to see what works, what can be improved, and how we can fit the jigsaw pieces together to create the best possible school experience for all children, families, and staff. We are working within changing frameworks from the CDC and TEA, as well as our local health district. Thank you again for your patience, your support, and your spirit as we work through an extraordinary situation together. As always, we love our vibrant Meridian community. You're why we come to work every day.

Please complete this form separately for each individual child in your family by Sept. 7 at 11:59 pm (midnight).

This email has been sent to the adult listed as parent/guardian number one on enrollment forms, to ensure one form is filled out per child.

You will have the option after you submit the form to complete an additional one for a second, third, fourth, etc., child. Please complete the form only once for each child.

In the form below,

  • You will commit to on-campus or distance learning for the remainder of the first quarter, starting as early as Sept. 21.
  • You will have the opportunity to commit to on-campus or distance learning for the second quarter beginning Oct. 19. 
  • If choosing the on-campus option, you may register for after school care.

Based upon the summer surveys (with variations by grade levels), 45% to 58% of our families indicated their students would return to on-campus instruction when the campus re-opens. 
To help you with your decision, please read below for details:
On Aug. 27, the Meridian School Board considered the Return to Campus overview and approved a phased return schedule based upon the science-driven methodology prepared by the Williamson County & Cities Health District (WCCHD).

We have created Return to School Protocols and are on track to reopen Meridian School as early as Sept. 21 on a phased return schedule. 

Please read carefully for your options; our return to school depends on Williamson County.

  • If you choose not to return this first quarter, you will have the option to return to school in the second quarter (starting Oct. 19).
  • Meridian intends to open the campus once the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Williamson County drops low enough to move the County into a "Yellow" zone, or Phase II. (At the moment, it is in the Red zone, Phase I). 
  • If you indicate that you want your child(ren) to return, we will communicate with you by Sept. 14 if the school will open on Sept. 21. We will implement a phased return schedule based on grade level to give our campus the best chance of opening up safely. 
  • Parent commitment forms are due by midnight Monday, Sept. 7. 
  • After School Care is available once on-campus learning resumes.
  • After School Care Registration is due by midnight Monday, Sept. 7.

Proposed Calendar: Start September 21

If Williamson County moves to Phase II/Yellow by Sept. 14, then:

  • Week of Sept. 21 - Open to Kindergarten, 1st, 6th and 12th grades 
  • Week of Sept. 28 - Open to K-3rd, 6th-7th, and 11th-12th grades 
  • Week of Oct. 5 - Open to all students who choose on-campus instruction

Proposed Calendar: Start September 28

If Williamson County moves to Phase II/Yellow between Sept. 15-21, then:

  • Week of Sept. 28 - Open to Kindergarten, 1st, 6th and 12th grades 
  • Week of Oct. 5 - Open to all students who choose on-campus instruction

Proposed Calendar: Start October 5

If Williamson County moves to Phase II/Yellow between Sept. 22-28, then:

  • Week of Oct. 5 - Open to all students who choose on-campus instruction

If Williamson County remains in Phase I/Red on September 28, Meridian will consult with the TEA before moving forward with on campus learning Oct. 5. There would be a possibility of calling a special Board meeting to further delay opening and extend the school calendar. 

As of now, the TEA requires on-campus learning as an option by Oct. 5. Keep in mind this may change given the nature of the situation.
After School Care K-12
If you choose on-campus learning, after school care is available for grades K-12th.

After School K-5th

After School 6th-12th

Distance Learning Updates
Here's what distance learning will look like in Primary once on-campus learning resumes: 
Update and Clarification: Meridian is hiring additional staff to provide time for on-campus teachers to check in with their distance learners.

How distance learning looks in primary depends on the percentage of students returning to on-campus learning. While we can't tell you exactly what numbers are until we receive all commitment forms, here's one scenario:

In 3rd grade, for example, half of our students return to campus. Five classrooms would have 15 students in each class with five teachers (to ensure social distancing). Then, each teacher would have 15 students in the classroom and monitor 10 distance learners (for a total of 25 students). The distance learning teacher would produce content for 75 students and personally monitor 25 students. We are looking for ways that the distance learning teacher could meet with class size groups of 25 during the day to deliver live content. These ratios will change, and we will know more once we receive your commitment forms.

Original details sent in the Primary Pride:

After students have transitioned back on campus, the distance learning experience and expectations will change. Teachers will no longer be able to offer live lessons throughout the day. Instead, one teacher will post videos explaining the day’s content and walk distance learning students through the expected activity in those videos.

Students will watch the videos and complete the assignments asynchronously (similar to our Wednesdays currently). Classwork in math, ELA, science and social studies will still be assigned and due daily. Specials lessons will become asynchronous. Students will be asked to complete 6 specials activities within the week. Specials teachers will have office hours on Wednesdays to assist with these lessons as needed.

Counselors will continue to create opportunities for distance learners to connect in lunch bunch and small groups. Distance learning students will still have the opportunity to connect with their teacher and classmates during the morning meeting (on Zoom).

Students will be required to check-in with their teacher at least twice a week in Zoom small groups at times designated by the teacher. There will be little flexibility in these blocks of time as teachers will only have specific times during the day when they can complete these check-ins. 

As a reminder, based on the division of in-person and distance learning teaching on a grade level, your child’s teacher may have to change. 
Here's what distance learning will look like for Special Education once on-campus learning resumes:

Special education teachers and instructional assistants will continue to offer support and services based on students' needs outlined in their Individualized Education Plan. Services will be offered to our special education population through a variety of methods including but not limited to; synchronous instruction, asynchronous instruction, Zoom check-ins with students and parents, phone calls, recorded demonstrations videos, online learning through programs the district currently utilizes, visual schedules and online resources offered to parents and students.
Here's what distance learning will look like in Secondary once on-campus learning resumes: 
It is not logistically possible in the secondary school at Meridian to split in-person and Distance Learning students into different groups with different teachers. As such, when the majority of students return to in-person learning at the Meridian School building, the framework of Distance Learning expectations for those remaining at home will remain largely the same. 

Distance Learning students will still be expected to follow the daily class schedule, logging into Zoom sessions. In these Zoom sessions they will follow the class as it is taught to students in-person at school. As such, it is likely that Distance Learning students, in Middle as well as High School, will generally be expected to stay logged into Zoom for the entirety of each 85 minute class. 

At times, teachers may provide asynchronous (i.e. “not live”) learning activities for Distance Learning students, but the goal will generally be for Distance Learning students to follow the in-person class synchronously (“live”) and complete the same activities as the in-person students, as they are completing them.
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