June 2021
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The IRS and U.S. Treasury have unveiled an online Sign-up tool designed to help families who do not normally file tax returns to register for monthly child tax credit (CTC) payments. The tool which would be accessible from July 15, has been created to provide a simple way for these taxpayers to provide the IRS with the information required to process advance CTC payments. Taxpayers can provide information on qualifying children ages 17 and under, other dependents, and direct deposit bank information for payments sent to their checking or savings account directly.
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In March of 2019 Governor Murphy signed the SECURE (“Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement”) Choice Act (Public Law 2019 Chapter 56), creating the Secure Choice Program. This program is an independent program administered by the Secure Choice Board. As of this date, the Board has not yet been organized, and so the Program has not yet started. Once the Board is fully appointed and organized, they will determine when and how to begin the program, including determining the process and timeline for enrollments. 
On Thursday June 17, 2021, in a 7-2 decision CALIFORNIA ET AL. v. TEXAS ET AL., a Supreme Court case that could have invalidated the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), the Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiffs (Texas and other plaintiff’s) did not have standing, which basically means they did not have a right to sue.
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